Friday, December 30, 2011

Happiness is a Warm Day

Or should I say Happiness is a Warm anything at this time of year! Staying warm is an art. Starting with warm clothing and a warm bicycle helps. If your handle bars are ice cold, so will be your hands in short order. Warming up your bike before you start helps. Bring it in close to the heater if you keep it in a cold place. Plastic pedals work best to keep your feet from getting cold fast. Plastic conducts the cold poorly. Aluminum cleated pedals unless warmed can send the cold via the cleat right into the shoe. Good winter shoes have a insulated insole to prevent this from happening, but cheep plastic pedals, cleat or not work best for that short winter ride. Bicycle shops have in great supply things to stay warm, The bigger the store, the better. Thinking about how to stay warm will have you happier as you enjoy your ride at this time of year! I hope to see you on the road!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas is a good time to be with friends and family and think back to wonderful times past. Rides and places our "Heads Up" style of cycling took us and the details we may have never noticed otherwise. Christmas time is the perfect time to plan second chance adventures for the future. Fireside with a warm drink has you in short order forgetting the cold outside. A trip to look over one's own bicycle if near by will certainly have you out on a short Christmas Ride with a pleasant return back to the fireside and foods we love at this time of year. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cold Rain

Where there is a will,there is a way. Cold Rain riding at this time may be of no choice. A commuter cyclist may need to ride in conditions that the casual rider would never attempt. Recumbents for the most part can work better then the "Up-right" style of riding. Fairings do help with staying dry, but a good rain suit will work well and worth every penny. Riding with your feet further off the ground and above your front wheel keeps feet dryer then directly behind it. At times past, it felt like a hose of ice water being poured over my toes on even fendered Diamond Frame bikes. Sand from the road goes everywhere, A good cleaning right after the ride no matter what kind of bike you choose will help with dirt not sticking and drying on your frame and parts. I never thought that "Rain Riding" was fun. I only have done it to stay fit and to get where I need to be. Always better then a car, rainy days by car are slower. Traffic when things get wet is always slower. Cycling for the most part has you arriving at your destination with in minutes of your normal commute time. Parking is always at the door of where your going and the feeling of having been out (to me)is one of the best feelings in the world

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The New Program

You may have noticed the lack of paragraph separation in yesterdays BOSRUG posting. Sorry for that. It was not my intent to run everything on all in one. Changes have been made as of last Sunday morning that to compose a posting, you need to be on "Google Chrome" It took a while to get Chrome to work with my dial up service but now as a result, we have no paragraph spacing. I assume that the problem will be resolved soon with enough complaints, But for right now, I'm feeling that not all improvements are improvements.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colder Days, Longer Nights

Its never been easier to stay warm or to be seen on a bicycle. Bicycle shops of all sizes have a selection of Winter clothing and lighting to allow you to see and be seen. Never before has there been so many cars on the road. It seems to me that over the past ten years, the amount of drivers has doubled. What I call "Freight Train Traffic", one car after another for long stretches of road.With the use of Cell Phones and now Internet and Texting, its a wonder a Bicycle Commuter can stay alive. Here are some tips as how I deal with the traffic and the 15 mile commute I have to and from work. First, Assume that you are invisible. Drivers are not looking for bicycles. Its true. If you think you can be seen, it may not be so and could result in being hit. Think about what you would do if hit and rehearse it in your head. Being prepared could save your life. Bright lights even during the day when its a little cloudy or dark attract attention. Having a driver notice you from a far could allow you safe travels. At night place your light so the spot is on the pavement to your left. Drivers while passing will swing wide to miss the spot of light and "open" the view of you to drivers in back of them. This works great and still allows you to see the road in front of you. Bright lights and bright clothing are noticeable more than what we call "Safety Black!" Don't "cheep" yourself when it comes to lighting. Better lights last longer with the electric charge and are usually brighter. Rechargeable lights may be more expensive at the counter, but the money you will save in batters and heaven forbid, out of work from being hit, will pay for themselves in short order. Good lights if you forget to charge them one night, will have enough power to last another evenings ride. Reflectors are good and important, but everybody has seen an occasional driver without their headlights on. Reflectors do nothing unless lit by drivers headlights. Although super bright lights can be seen, make sure that the beam is not in the face of on coming drivers. Simple enough, but it is another thing to think of. When being high beamed by drivers, simply flash them with your light as if you were in a car, Most drivers unless looking for an argument, will lower their beam. At traffic lights, if you can lower your tail light and headlight beam, A blinded driver starting off when the light changes could be dangerous. I like to look in my rear view mirror and place the bike in a safe spot when cars pass. This could mean ether speeding up or slowing down. Starting at lights, it is sometimes safer to let the group of cars pass you while stopped rather then heading out as a group and getting mixed up at the "bottle neck" on the other side of the intersection. Drivers seeing that you are not tiring to race them sometimes offer a little respect next time around. Remember that most of the drivers are commuting too, and will most likely passing at a later date. If they see and remember, they may cooperate next time around. Showing a little respect and obeying the rules of the road may have you enjoying your commute stress free and safer for years to come.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That time of Year Again

Its that time of year again, Time when everything needs to be pulled in. The important things come to mind. Hands,toes,nose. Frost bite Doctors know one more.
Winter cycling in New England is not fun. Point to Point "destanition" riding works, but unless you find something else yo do out of the ordinary to occupy your outdoor fun, Its not good.
Salt and sand will come soon. Never ride anything that you cant afford to throw out. Someone said that to me years ago. Hey, It was me! Or Cooper.
Take a look around. What did you miss. Where did you want to be when the weather was nice and not important to keep warm or your bike salt free. Look around. The Cold is Coming and its coming Soon!

Monday, November 28, 2011

60 Degrees

Who could ask for more. The beauty of the Southern New England roads and short sleeve riding.

Now with most of the leaves down, bigger sky and better lighting give a whole new feel to the place we call home.
Stopping and viewing has a spectator seeing things maybe never otherwise noticed.
Get out and enjoy the day of what may be one of our last warm days this year.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Colder Days Are Coming!

Last night assured me that winter is not long off. The freak snow of last October was assurance enough that New England has not changed with its surprises of of temperature drop in a 24 hour period, but last night did it for me. Although there was no ice, heading out and really seeing my breath was.
Over the past week we have seen mild enough days for riding without jacket or glove. More like September, we enjoyed wind free riding on Wednesday only to have Thursday turn into what I would call "a classic New England November day." Just like I remember as a child riding home from school, caught without gloves, hands red as a cooked lobster claws.
Its never been easier to stay warm. Most of the sales at the shop today will be clothing. Did you know that you can spend $75.00 on a undershirt? How about $500.00 on a Jacket?
Layering still remains to be the best way to deal. You most likely have what you need to stay warm and comfortable if you are reading this right now. Just not this years fashion.
Colder days have us again dreaming of rides like the one pictured above. Days when only shirt and shorts will be needed to stay comfortable and enjoy riding. Just like last Wednesday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

To See and Be Seen

The worry for new shoppers of recumbent bicycles is if while riding on roads, "Can you be seen?"
The question with today's drivers is , Are they watching the road?
Cell phones and now texting has drivers looking less at the roads for anything else then a car. The chance of getting hit and hurt by another car has divers more aware of automobiles then pedestrians and cyclists alike.
Bicycles for the most part slow traffic down. Cars when aware take their time passing and in most cases pass at a safe distance. Once in a while I have been passed too close for comfort. I'm never sure if the driver ever saw me or they were passing at a distance that they felt safe at.
Oddity's on the road have drivers watching. Not sure of what there looking at, has drivers at times not wanting to pass. You see them in your rear view mirror causing other drivers to stack up in back of them. Somewhat awkward, I wave them on letting them know that I can see them fine and it is safe to pass. Always afterwards, I see their eyes in their rear view mirror. I love to wave and then have them wave back.
Its hard to notice how much you are acutely seen and if drivers are letting you pass by being polite. Its not until I find myself back on an upright style bike that I get cut off, sometimes as much as 3 times a ride, and realize that while on a recumbent, drivers not sure of what their seeing, will wait and not come out in front of you.
With a rear view mirror and the "Heads Up" style of riding, on a recumbent, you see everything!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When the New Bikes Become Old

Just the other day, Bosrug rider and blog follower, Doug wrote and told me about discovering that the seat frame on his ATP, Vision R40 was broken.
How long this had been so was not part of the email or him noticing while riding, but because of a "Winter Mod" he had done, noticed it.
In most cases, when a seat breaks, you go to the bike shop and buy a new one. End of story. Well not quite.
Because over the past 10 years of, "Oh my God!, If I ride a bike with a skinny seat, I may never have kids!" OK, That's cool, but the biggest problem is , what seat to buy.
We at the bike shop have at least 50 different seats to choose from. One actually looks like a boot jack, so at all costs, men should wear some kind of covering while riding this seat, Shorts come to mind.
A "safe" seat can run you as much as $300.00!

Then there is Brooks Saddles. People love Brooks, Go on their website and see!

Sorry Doug, no seat for you. Why? Well, can you say "Standardization?" Sure you can!
In the lack of our favorite style of heads up bicycle riding, because designers are from aeronautics and not bicycles or light bulbs, all recumbent seats are different.
We laugh as to exactly how you ride a recumbent home if your seat gets stolen, but when it breaks, its a whole other story.
A whole other story to follow.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Years and Still Blogging!

Today is the two year anniversary of the Boston Recumbent Users Group Blog, known as "BOSRUG"
I have skipped days and even weeks recently but know that it has been only because the riding has been more important than the writing.
As time goes on, please check back for writings of ramblings and rides. I will do my best to keep you informed of any Recumbent events and adventures worth reading about and or attending.
Thank You for your comments and being the most important part of this blog, the reader. Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So What Do You Want?

I was listening to an interview with Bicycle Historian John Pinkerton after he learned that he had lung cancer and possibly did not have much longer to live.
One of the things that stood out with me in the interview was how he was sorry that it took him so long to learn how to cycle for pleasure.
It seemed as if he was referring to his past rides were to prove something to himself and to others, how fast, how far, How steep and how hard.
Cyclists for the most part enjoy what their doing, or so it seems to me. Possibly when their finished, but cycling for pleasure takes a little more then going as fast and as hard as possible.
I have talked to customers that have told be that they will never own a GPS because they always ride in the same place. Head down, trying to break yesterdays record and unless they do, it just not right.
Yesterday on our ride, we found a beautiful spot in the sun and just stopped to enjoy. Over the 20 minuets we were there we were passed by 3 riders that couldn't say hello. It looked as if we made them uncomfortable by sitting back and relaxing in plain view.
It is getting to the point that when you say "Cyclist" your not exactly talking about the same group of people.
People are different and Different is Good is something my close friend has as a family saying.
There is a talk show host in Boston that refers to cyclists as a group. The way he talks its as if he thinks its all the same club, The drivers and the cyclists. Two distant groups. He backs up his thoughts by screening his callers that want to add to his show. A maximum of 5 an hour because of adds and what he calls a "break"
His idea of that cyclists are using car roads and the bicycles don't pay tax. I would like that, how about you!
Its sometimes feels like there is just no pleasing anybody.
Riding for pleasure could be dressing up and achieving ones personal best, but after that passes one would hope that a thinking person might want to take the time to see the beauty they passed by. Assume no one cares how fast or how far you rode. Its true.
I remember at the store one day a customer looking across the sales floor at another customer dressed head to toe in his brand new USPS team uniform. His comment to us was, "Who the hell does he think he is?" The answer was, "That's Tyler Hamilton!"
The customer said "Who?"
As for me, I'm going for a ride.

Friday, October 28, 2011

And So it Goes

It snowed here last night. Not enough to shovel, but enough to assure me that Winter is coming. Long cold nights, fires in the fireplace. All the comfort food in the world will not have me looking forward to whats ahead.

Here's hoping a few things:
Lets hope for less snow on the roads then last year.
Lets hope for less sand and salt too.
Lets hope for surprise warm days, the gift we all love.
Lets hope for as short of a Winter as what the Summer seemed to be!

I never wanted BOSRUG to becone a rant. The type of things you read all the time. I always wanted to remain a positive collection of inspiration for its readers to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Riding walking or just being.

With a little shift in our outdoor fun and happy get togethers with friends and family, Maybe we could learn to love the cold snowy weather and the short winter days.

But then again, Maybe not.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lasting Fun

There is nothing like a bike ride. Not easy to forget, I recall rides years later about things seen and things found.
As I have become older, I tend to just want to "Ride my Horse" and not "Ride my horse into battle."
I have been told that no one rides like I ride. Not for speed but for fun. On road with a off road bike or off road with a road bike, it really doesn't matter. It all about the adventure and as a result,the memories. When it gets hard, the stories get good.
The stories always start out,"There was one time" or "Did I ever tell you about that ride that Me and (fill in the blank) did when we got caught in the rain, in the dark at the 102 mile mark?"
Lasting memories are good enough reason to wear a helmet or to at least write them down.
When things get tough during normal, off the bike, times, its nice to go back in my head and remember better moments when we had the best time anybody could ever imagine on a bicycle. Its what I know as "Lasting Fun"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Indian Summer

Here comes the cold. It won't be long now that we will be bring out the gloves and the boots to stay comfortable while enjoying the comfort sport of Recumbent Cycling.
Never before has it been so easy to stay warm. Just the other day I heard of heated grips that will fit your bike. Something new everyday and another way to indirectly use fossil fuel. Count the number of battery's one carry's on their bike ride and you may be surprised.
As we get closer to the Winter months, lets enjoy the cooler temperatures while we can! Lets Ride!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bacchetta 3 Day, The Full Report

This years event turnout was small.

Friday nights ride was canceled due to heavy heavy rain. It poured here in Belmont, so it was a good thing to "pull the plug."

We did however have a nice dinner and get together at 21 Van Ness with Youtube and Netflix entrainment. Lots of laughs, great food and great beer.

Saturdays ride was sweet. Slow going because of the wet surface and slippery decks along the Charles. The trail had a few walking and running events going on which made riding as we got closer to the Hatch Shell slower and more of a challenge. Fun though!

We split up as a group at about half way back to Waltham and made a b-line to Wheelworks for Recumbent Demos.

Hot and sticky, customers passing by the booth of bicycles on the street were quick to get inside to the AC in the store.

Larger dinner party Saturday evening at 21 Van Ness, with more laughs, fun and food

Sundays "Hub on Wheels" was packed. Parade pace for the first 11 miles, after the Arnold Arboretum, things thinned out and had us riding as a group at our regular comfortable riding speed.
The ride went well and is something all lovers of the wheel should try someday.The route takes you to places you might never go to on any other day.
At the 30 mile mark, the ride takes you along the shore and cooler riding due to the ocean and harbor breeze.
The finish was at what seemed to me a little short of 50 miles Back to City Hall Plaza and a Beer and great band.
On another note about the day: There was a huge film group shooting downtown. The film is called "RIPD" and will be opening sometime in 2012. It was cool to see the production with smashed cars and trucks wetting down the streets for effects. I did get a view of filming where they had some kind of smoke machine and a car that the roof had been crushed down to the doors. Not sure why, but I guess we will have to see the movie. Comments from the film crew about our bike were fun as we got lost trying to find where we parked the car in the morning, Thank you Susie for that!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bacchetta 3 Day September 23, 24, 25 with Update

Join us for a fun set of 3 rides and events on the weekend of September 23-25.

A Great time was had by all!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Ride Anouncement

Come join us Wednesday August 3rd for an extended BOSRUG adventure.

Ride starts at 10:00 am in Dover Center at the town libary on Dedham St and returning around 3:00.
We will doing a long hilly ride with a lunch stop in Milford at the Cafe Sorrento, A great little place with outdoor seating. We will not be climbing the hill afterwards but arive riding down it.

This promises to be one of the Great BOSRUG adventures of all time so bring your camera.
Any questions should be emailed to the adress to the right---------------------------->

Hope to see you there.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Remember the 4th of July

History isn't clear. Although the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from England occurred on July 2, 1776, the 4th has become the recognized day for celebrating our Independence from the Crown.
The day of freedom means different things to different people. I picture for some its the only day of the year when they eat hot dogs.
Summer foods play a major roll in the 4th BBQ's and picnics. Im sure some folks day is not complete without that special something that has been part of the table for their whole life's. Jello with marsh mellows, A festival of food!
Remembering the 4th means different things to different people.
Remember the catsup!
Remember the paper plates!
I like to remember 3 guys, Tom, Ben and of course John.
They had an idea that should have made our life's easier. Allowing us to be who we are, without connection with a King or Queen. Equal for the most part with as good of a chance as the next guy to become exactly what we want to be.
I also like to remember the French,. The folks we like to forget when it comes to our revolution. Their helping hand was huge.
On this day of fun and fireworks, remember the reason why we celebrate. United in an idea at a time of a not so united United States.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ahhh! July

July in New England! Days like these are why we live here, or stay.
Long forgotton are the days of Snosh, cold wet feet, salt on your wheels and bitter cold. Warmer, happier days of sitting back in the sun, (on your bike) are here.
Embrace the day and enjoy every moment! Your wont get another chance at this one again!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Bye Spring, Hello Summer!

Yes, Summer, Doesn't that sound delightful?
One of the coldest Springs I can remember, with only a handful of shorts and short sleeve days. The weather for the most part seemed like April over the last couple of weeks. Isn't Memorial Day next week some time? No, the 4th of July is 2 weeks away!
"Hot Dogs, Pretzels and Beer" Sing it! And sing it loud! I'm ready for Summer!
How about you?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day and to all the Mother's that played the roll of Father over the years. You know who you are.
Happy Father's Day to all those that played the roll of Father to a girl or boy, that did not have one. You know who you are.
Most of all, Happy Fathers to all the Fathers that were Fathers and put there children first and foremost. Allowing them to be who they are, to become people that know who they are!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Wetter, The Greener

Farmers love this weather. Slow easy rain. Bikers don't.
Wet weather riding has been the topic of the day here on Bosrug. The good and the bad. Dirt build up and how to deal with it. How rainy days are not bad as long as you just get out there. Head down on a "Heads Up" bicycle.
The second cup of coffee rather then the first pedal stroke seems to rule on this non sunny Sunday.
On a nice morning here in Dover. I have seen as many as 200 cyclists go by the house before 8:00 am. Not one today, yet.
Waiting out the rain seems to be the cyclesport of choice this morning. Only the hearty with a small window of time and a training schedule will head out now.
The wetter, the greener, The greener the better, but with me, certainly not the wetter the better!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Of Bee's and Bike's

About 30 years ago, I was on a bicycle ride I will never forget.
I was riding a Raleigh Surperbe 5 Speed as my go everwhere bike. Heading home, at the at the end of the day and a long ride. at the top of the last hill, I could see below the dirt turn around at Beans field. The air was filled with what looked like dust. I figured it was caused by a truck or car that had just left at speed.
Ready to hold my breath and close my eyes and ride through, I reached that part of the road, and became covered with bees.
Every inch of my body had at least one very confused little fuzzy guy, now coming with me for the ride.
Not a big fan of bee stings, I without thinking sat up and sweeping with both hands, managed to rid myself of the unwanted passengers. The good News, I never got stung once.
I could not stop telling the story to everyone with an ear. What I later found out was that I had rode through a Swarm. I was also told that swarming bees don't usually sting. Their mission in life is to move the hive and follow the new Queen.
As time went by, I never came across a Swarm. I did how ever pick up a bee in flight and get stung.
Here is what I have learned over time: Although we have been taught that bees can only sting once, they can bite more. Sometimes its not a bee at all, but a wasp. Be on the lookout.
Those guys with the big DPW roadside mowers can mow through a hive just as easy as grass, so watch for bees while passing.
If you get stung, stop. Make sure the wasp or bee is not still with you. If they are still in your clothing, you will get stung again.
Find the sting and with your finger nail scratch out anything left by the bee. Stinger and any poison they have as defense. The sooner you do this the better.
Getting stung is not fun. Bees do play a major role in our life but to scare them to the point that they need to sting you can be sometimes be avoided.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stuffie Report! Stuffie Report!

Had his been an actual alert, You would have been instructed to go to this place and check the Stuffies out.


There a little spot on the Ashland,Hopkinton border on Route 135 with an outdoor deck. I have been wanting to check out for a very long time. Without a huge group, we came in for a landing and stopped for lunch.

We parked the bikes and found the front door on and worked our way through the restraint. After finding the correct door to go outside, One of the regulars standing in the doorway said "Come on in!" Nice. I think she meant her home.

Cools spot, the outdoor deck had a large screen monitor with fishing as entertainment. Plastic see through table tops and ash trays. We thought, maybe we should have locked the bikes.

Stuffies at a $1.75 at the top of the list of appetisers, of course, Bosrog adventure needs to taste test and report back.

Narragansett at $2.00 a can, how could you go wrong?

Gazpacho soup was great, The best I have ever had and fresh.

The Stuffies came. big bowl of butter, Wow, Lemon and some kind of green thing.

They were quahog shells stuffed with bread crumbs, Pimento, and bread crumbs. Maybe a clam bit, but,, maybe not. Hey. $1.75. Come on now.

I will go back. Just to see the two huge guys that walked in covered with tattoos that the biggest of the two said to everyone on the deck, "I'm going to get drunk!" It was 1:30.

The rest of today's ride was great. Staying under cover for the rest of the ride. we did all the super hard hills and manged to not get hit. Not once!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tunnel Riding

Ahh!, The Green Tunnel. At this time of year in Southern New England, its possible for a rider to stay under cover for most of their ride. Linking up back country roads narrow enough to have tree cover from the sun for most of the day.

Some such roads can be found South of Boston in what is known as the "M Towns."
Medfield, Millis, Medway, Milford and of course Norfolk. OK, it doesn't start with the letter M, but did you ever hear their High School Cheer? Another perk of the BOSRUG adventure!
As time goes on, things change. Farms and wooded lots are being cut up for developments of questionable taste. The Green Tunnel and Tunnel riding as we know will someday be part of the past. Lets enjoy it while we can!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last Day of May

What a beautiful last day of May! It was Perfect! Hot in the sun and cool in the shade. Bright sun made for a great BOSRUG adventure of the rolling hills in the upper Charles River Watershed. The smells in the air were of full late Spring splendor.
Rhododendrons have popped and could have not looked nicer.
Three riders and 37 miles, our stop for lunch was at the Eagle Brook Saloon in Norfolk,Ma. Top of the special list, Stuffies! Of course we needed to do our job and taste test our favorite light lunch beer snack.
Again, served on a Scallop shell, there wasn't much clam bits or clam taste. Filling and fun to eat, these Stuffies were not my favorite or "Special" although they were on the top of their daily Special list.

On the ride back home, we stopped at one of our favorite farms, Jane and Pauls for eggs and vegetables for the post ride Deep Dish Pizza.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ride Announcement, Sunday Morning, 5-29

Meet us in Waltham AT 8:30 AM, across the street from the Waltham Watch Factory on Crescent Street for a ride down the "River Walk" bicycle path to the Bunker Hill Monument and back.
This is a ride that Geoff and I did last year on this date and found the streets along the river closed off for the "Run to Remember" half marathon.
RSVP at 508-333-4056 if your running late or can not find the starting point in Waltham.
Hard rain will cancel the ride. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Add This One to Your List

There is a new museum at the Watch Factory in Waltham.
Known as the Waltham Watch Company, the building is now a combination of office space, living quarters and retail space soon to come.
At the main entrance, remembering that past, there is a very nicely done collection of tools, watches, clocks and photos from the buildings past. Displayed beautifully, the little display gives me the feeling of a time in Walthams past when things were done right.

This is a must see and is open for free to the public any time the building is open for business.

Employee Bicycle Parking

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ride Announcement, 5-25-11

Slow roller around our favorite hills and byways starting in Dover Center at the library parking lot on Dedham Street at 10:30am,Wednesday. Bring cash and a lock for lunch.
RSVP at 508-333-4056 Hope to see you there.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The first thing that comes to a new recumbent customer's mind is if you can bee seen on the road. The fact of the matter is that you are seen more because of the oddity of the machine. Drivers sometimes cant take their eye off of you.
Because drivers for the most part are not really sure what their looking at, they pass at greater distances and give the rider more space.
That said, if the driver isn't looking at the road, they will not see anything. Riders talk about how bad it is now with texting and emails being read behind the wheel but quickly has been forgotten that drivers have always been pre-occupied while operating their car. Years ago without seat belts, kids could climb over seats and distract the driver that was sometimes smoking. It was a time when there were no bicycle paths or lanes. It has gotten better over time because drivers now know what its like to pass a bicycle.
As riders we know dangerous intersections. We know where to be along side trucks and how to "Be Seen."
I have always gone with the understanding that I should always ride as though invisible. Never expecting that I have been seen. Eye contact with drivers before crossing in front. Its only when I forget, thing can get bad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

8:30am Watch Factory, Waltham, 5-22-11

We are going to meet tomorrow morning for a mixed group of riders for a ride to the North End for coffee and pastry at Mikes.
Ride starts at the parking lot across from the Watch Factory on Crescent St in Waltham. This will be a slow going, stick together ride.
The ride will follow the "River Walk" bicycle trail to the TD North Garden and if time will head over to Charlestown for a loop around the Bunker Hill Monument.
Up right bicycles invited. Pass the word. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Tool for the Job

Reprinted from 3-11-2010

The job of walking got complicated with the invention of the bicycle. Needing to do something faster usually does. Just how to cycle became more complicated with the starting of the patent office. Who gets credit and paid for how we choose to do things is very complicated indeed!
Over the years with the invention of some new tools, frendships have ended and friends gone there own ways. Some I'm sure some of them never talked again.
The guy with the first chain saw I'm sure pissed off all his friends with their old style of wood cutting. The noise, the smoke, and the speed of how much wood you could cut up in one tenth the time. It drowned out the chop chop chop of the lonely axe for sure. You know they all smiled when the first chain saw operator's cut themselves. Served them right for being so,,,,,New, Or something like that.
Here in New England we are the first to invent something, but the last to except it. If it was really that good or needed, someone would have invented it already.
Just what was the first guy with the first cell phone trying to prove? Couldn't he wait to make or receive a call? What kind of person needs to have a phone all the time anyway? Everyone?
The "Art" of photography went away the day we changed from Photo-Chemical process to Digital, Didn't it? Nope!
Trying something new can always be an experience. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Having the knowledge of at least trying the new tool can be reassuring that your opinion was correct or prove you wrong.
One of my all time favorite Bicycle Moments was with a Senior Cyclist, Joseph Cote.
On the subject of Fixed Gear Bicycle Riding, he told me that when he was a winning bicycle racer back in the 30's, that when ever anybody showed up with "one of those derailleur bikes" They knew they were out of shape!
Funny how things change!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Choosing the Right Recumbent

Choosing the right recumbent can be difficult. It sometimes takes having to buy a couple of bikes over time to really get what you should have bought in the first place.
Many buyers shop with price in mind. They have a limit as to how much they want to spend and if they go over they will only have to answer to them self's after all is said and done. Spending mony to lighten the bike up is what I have done with cheap bikes and when I was finished, afterall the money I spent, I could have bought the bike of my dreams to began with.
I'm sure all readers have bought something at one time realizing that they should have bought "up" and in the long run could have actually saved them money. Cameras come to my mind.
Because designers are not always bicycle mechanics, its not always easy to get a recumbent that makes sense.
Small rear wheels for Recumbents are a bad idea. Good for folding bicycles but the whole road bicycle industry is based around the 26" wheel and if a smaller wheel is chosen for the job of powering the bicycle, it will not have a large enough gear ratio to keep up in traffic or keep up with bikes that have large wheels. Unless the chainset is equipped with a larger then commonly available sized large chain ring, the bicycle will be too low geared and too slow.
Suspension is a great idea for cars, motorcycles and off road bicycles, but the simple road bicycle design is forgoton when it comes to climbing hills. Shock pivot points wear out and are not always available in the future. Shocks fail and for most of the riding, reading the road, you can do just fine without.The weight of a bicycle, especialy recumbents is so important with our stop and go world here in New England. Heavier bicycles are fine for the flat, but dabbling at speeds from 0-8mph, you need a light bike and a light wheelset. Smaller wheels can be light as long as their under 1" cross section. Most small wheels actually weigh more then lightweight road wheels. Imagen having a wheel made of stone. How long would it take to bring it up to speed and how long would it take to stop it?
The proof is in the pudding. All of my Recumbent events have small wheeled recumbent riders with shocks dropping off the back of the ride. Slower bikes are harder to ride, and a heaver bike is harder to climb hills.
Customers need to buy any item from people who use them. In the case of bicycles, for the most part, all the sales people I have worked with over the past 30 years have been honest folk. They would never sell anything that they thought the customer would be unhappy with and have to return. Honesty is the best policy with both party's and when it comes to buying a Recumbent, ask yourself exactly what are you planning to do with the bike and let the experts help you decide.

No Sun in Sight

One look at the ten day weather forecast will show you that were in for a long stretch of cloudy and sometimes wet weather. One can only guess how green it will get and how little riding will be going on.
Only the diligent with ether places to go, miles to train, and the "need" to get out will be seen on the streets of Southern New England for what looks like a while.
Tips on how to deal have been covered in this blog time and time again. Embracing the rain and understanding that staying warm is the only thing important.
I remember me and my friend Chris passing a fellow in a kayak while pedaling under water, close to neck deep at Lake Waban in Wellesley. We were not trying to stay dry. That was the same day we took cover in a shed because of the thunder and lighting. Moments later, the shed got hit.
I don't remember the next day of riding, but I will always remember that one.
Rain always makes things different and thus, interesting. Stories to tell later in life and a remembrance of when we had a chance to really be alive.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

posted by Danni

So, if the credit card receipt can be believed, a year ago today Scott finished building my bike and I took Bender (Ben) home for the first time. I find it hard to remember what life was like before I had my recumbent. I have had so many wonderful experiences and I've met so many wonderful people because of my bike, some in passing and some who I believe will be friends for life, that I don't even want to think of how things would be if I hadn't bought Ben. Scott definitely knew what he was doing when, much to Brad's horror, he said to me, "I'm putting in the order for your bike I need a $50 deposit." My response, "If I don't like the bike, do I get my money back?" "Of course," said Mr. Chamberlain. And that was that! I know Scott knew that I would like my bike when he ordered it, but I wonder if he had any idea just HOW MUCH I would end up LOVING my bike!!!!

On the first attempt to get my bike it wasn't ready. I ended up going to Brad's place where he trusted me to take apart his bike as I learned how to change a tire. (I'm sure that trust had everything to do with the beer he was drinking. I wouldn't have trusted me. I was pretty inept! ;-) The next day my daughter and I returned to see Scott who was just finishing putting my bike together. He took me for my test ride. I rode Ben for the first time while Scott joked and kidded with Alexa. I was hooked. I definitely had the 'recumbent silly smile' going on that day!!

Here are some highlights from the year with Ben:

- Wow!! This is so much fun and nothing hurts. How do you find the will power to stop riding?

- Hey, there are 15 minutes left of sunlight. I can make it to the grist mill and back.

- Yikes! It really is nasty doing the hills on a recumbent. Splat - onto the pavement!!! There goes the first mirror!!

- I'm SO READY for clipless pedals. Splat Again! Ooops! There goes the second mirror!

- My first morning group ride - breakfast in Waltham. The restaurant is closed!! Bummer!! But the muffins from the shop up the street are yummy!! (Note to self - bring an extra Cliff bar when riding with Brad just in case it is necessary ;-)

- CRASH!!! Hit by a car on my brand new bike. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine! IS MY BIKE O.K?!!!" Ben gets a ride home in the back of an ambulance. I have some VERY impressive, colorful bruises.

- First time at Scott's place. Scott makes fresh homemade bread and yummy chicken!! Brad sweats gallons in the extreme heat as he works hard at making Ben better than new after the accident. Ben is a tank!! Brad and Scott are my heroes!!!!

- My first ride near the coast - North Shore. Lunch at Woodman's - fried clams and beer. A very good day!

- A ride to the abbey where the nuns make and sell chocolate. A really cranky nun serves us. Scott gets a nail puncture, through not only his tire but his rim too, immediately after making a joke about the nun. Coincidence? I think not!!

- Graffiti at the trellis. EXTREMELY COOL!!!!! We barely make it back to the Wayside Inn because of the heat. A beer never tasted so good.

- The Fourth of July!! A wonderful ride! I meet Susie for the first time. She thinks I'm a bitch since I don't chat with her because I'm listening to music (exaggerating a wee bit ;-) She doesn't realize that without music I don't make it up the hills (not exaggerating at all!!) We stop to watch model airplanes. I see my first wild toucan!!! An extremely yummy BBQ! A killer game of croquet ensues where I completely kick Brad's ass - o.k. I'll admit it, I cheated ;-) An amazing night watching fireworks at the tower with Scott! My light dies on the way down the mountain. Where the heck am I? Better yet, where the hell is Scott and why did he leave me!!!!!!

- Bacchetta weekend!! Susie buys a recumbent. I guess she likes me after all. A really hot, long ride on Sunday! As usual, I wipe out on my bike. I need more touch up paint and yet another mirror. (Scott makes me buy backup mirrors for when I break the next one ;-)

- Bonfires, beer, and foosball at Scott's house. I'm REALLY not good at foosball, but I like it just the same. I'm a sucker for humiliation.

- An amazingly gorgeous ride in Ipswich. Sunny onshore - a HUGE thunderhead just offshore! Awe inspiring!!! (That is as long as it stays off shore and I don't get wet. It does!!!) A lovely picnic by the water!

- Teaching Susie how to ride her recumbent on the Nashua River rail trail. An interesting day ;-)

- NO!!!!! NOT the Rte 2 rotary!!! Scott's trying to kill us!!!! Luckily our friendship survived that one. After successfully getting through that ordeal, we'll be friends forever ;-)

- WAIT!!!! Do I REALLY fit into size 4 jeans?!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Ben?)

- Too wet to ride. Let's can tomatoes!!

- What? You want me to write the blog while you're in Spain? You've got to be kidding. Oh well, I guess so. If I have to!!!

- Susie and I go to the BikesNotBombs event and pedal a cider press. We decide we are hungry and go to a BYOB restaurant. We bring a very interesting bottle of wine!!! (Giggles ;-)

- Riding with the Sudbury uprights. WOW!!!!! Recumbents are FAST!!!!! Oh wait, not on the up-hills!!!

- Scott's beer around the world Christmas party. Great food!! Great people!!

- Lots of snow. Missing riding!

- More snow. Missing riding even more!!

- O.k. enough with the snow!!!!! I'm going through withdrawal. I need to ride NOW!!!!!!!

- I accidentally sign up for riding 100 miles in 30 days and it's still freezing out!!! Yikes. Oh well. I guess somebody is trying to tell me to get my sorry ass back on my bike and go riding!!!

- What is a stuffie, anyway? Oh . . . yummy!!!

- Did that hawk just get that dove? I hope not. I would cry!!!

- Hmmmm! I've never ridden in the rain before! I can't see a thing. (Note to self - next time bring something with which to wipe my glasses.) And my outerwear bike gear works perfectly! The outside of the gear is wet, but I am completely dry. I love good gear!!!!!

- I nudge Ben just as I am putting a coat in the closet near where he is kept. NOOOOOO, don't fall onto the tile floor. Damn!!!! Yet another mirror!!! (Text to Scott – I am out of spare mirrors . . . AGAIN!!)

- Ahhhh!!! The lilacs are in bloom. I can think of only one thing that smells better! Can there be a better time of the year to ride?

It has been an amazing year with Ben! Thank you, Brad, for agreeing to help me buy a bike and for introducing me to recumbents and Scott. Thank you, Scott, for being such a wonderful person and creating such an amazing social culture for recumbent riders. For all of you with whom I have already ridden, I've enjoyed it! For those of you who I have yet to ride with, I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

Happy Heads-up Riding!! Enjoy the season!!

And do slow down to smell the flowers (especially the lilacs) as you ride by - I don't care if atom bomb says it is dangerous ;-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy Day Riding

When ever I feel down about a day off when the weather is wet, I always consider the alternative, working on a wet day.
Business is slower with more time to "catch up" but being home without the need for busy work and doing things to "look" busy is always better. I have always felt that when its slow, its totally the fault of the employees.
It has nothing to do with lack of sun, its all our fault. Or so we are made to believe.
In the United Kingdom its wet a lot. When you look back at catalogs from the 30's, all the bikes came with "Mudguards". They invented the word. Fenders to us, its just the way it was and if they didn't come with fenders, the bicycle was for riding indoors on a track.
The comfort sport of Recumbent Cycling for the most part is fender or mudguard free. Rain free too!
Announce a Mountain Bike festival and it could be raining rocks and you would have a huge turnout. Rain doesn't stop mountain bikers and a stick in the eye is a badge of courage.
The threat of rain let alone a drop stops Recumbent riders in their tracks. Ohhhhh! It loooks liiikee RAIN!
Looking out the window from the house or a car is always worse than actually being in it. As long as you clean your bike after the ride things will be fine. Reduced speeds with the fear of slip has you seeing and enjoying your outdoor experience more. The enhanced smells with the wet trees and flowers makes for a sensual enjoyable adventure that makes coming home to a dry place all the nicer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box and the Recumbent Cyclist

Recumbent riders are usually folks that think outside the box. Considering a different way of doing things always offers a wider more full style of living and with an open mind allows one to see things with a far greater prospective.
People as a whole follow a style that allows themselves to be the person they want to be. Many cyclists dress and play the roll of pro riders, wearing the "Kit" and riding as if it was their job. Although most will never race and if they do, will never experience the level of extreme discipline of pro racing, they like the look and act the part as if they do. Heavy stuff, but when opinions are spoken about practices of pro riders getting by in their extra tough job, their opinion never takes into account the lack of ones own personal experience.
Many riders would never ride a recumbent. Many have opinions about what is like to ride one. Evan a rear view mirror that could save their lives would never be found on most riders bicycles just because of the way they look.
Dress up is fun, we did it as kids. Some of my friends hurt themselfs jumping off of roofs with a bed sheet tied to their sholders because they thought that it was all it would take to fly, like Superman.
Flying is easy if you have a plane. Pro racing is not even with a $8000,00 bicycle, $600.00 worth of clothing and 60 miles of riding a day.
Playing the roll of a Recumbent cyclist isn't hard. All you need is a recumbent, spare time and an open mind. Thinking outside the box will have you in short order not only looking the part but actually being, a "Recumbent Cyclist."

Thinking Outside the Box, 5 Speed Jack's Bass Bike

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ride Anouncement. Wednesday May 11

Come join us for another Bosrug adventure around the rolling lanes and byways of the Metro West.
Ride starts a 10:00 am in Dover center at the library parking lot and will head out on some of our favorite roads around the Charles River and beyond.
Bring cash and a lock for a light lunch stop.
The ride will be about 30 miles and return back to the parking lot around 2:00.
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Days on the Road

How exciting! Heading off for a two day Bosrug adventure for an overnight at the Wayside Inn in historic Sudbury Ma.!
The weather forecasted did not look good. Rain on and off and cloudy.
Packing for rain is always more gear and more of a consideration. As we packed, the sun came out and really did not look as if it was going to go back in.
The plan for the day was to stay on back roads for a s long as possible except for the crossing of Route 9 and the Mas pike. Boston has a band of highly traveled roads heading West out of Boston so to cross from the South to the North, a Cyclist needs to know the best crossing for the safest roads.
We headed out after rush hour and rode south on some of the prettiest roads in Southern New England. The Spring color was at its peak. Flowering trees with every glance and every corner. The Lilac's have popped and the Forsythia is just now starting to go by.
The plan was to stop at the John Stone Inn in Ashland for a light lunch and be to the Wayside by 6:00 to meet with Danni for a picnic that she was preparing.
The text on my cell phone said "Be Hungry!" so lunch would just be soup and a beer, outdoors, because the sun never went in. How perfect. Mid to high 70's with a light wind. the smell of the air was like Heaven!
We arrived at the Inn at exactly 3:00 (Check in time!) and dumped our gear and headed out again for a bottle of wine for the room. The only spot was down old RT 20, one of the busiest roads around.
We made is safely back to the Inn and asked for a safe place to keep the Recumbents for the evening. See the photo:
The Henry Ford bedroom

At 6:30 the text on the cell phone said, "Were Here!" We went down stares and found Danni and her lovely Daughter, Alexa with huge smiles. Too chilly now for an outside picnics, we went to the car and got the large cooler and 3 large bags of dinner for a indoor picnic in room #9.
Something I have done before with other friends and family, we love to bring our dinner and have our own space.
A school night for Alexa, we cleaned up the room and packed the cooler to return to the car.
Much to our suprize, as we passed the Ford Bedroom, the tables and bicycles had been pushed aside and there about 18 people dancing with a fife and drum. Colonial Dancing, we were pulled into the room and added to the group. We really had no choice in the matter. Danni went right to it as if she not only knew that it was going to happen but as if she belonged. Alexa and I just looked on until we too got pulled in.
Wonderful! The dancers did not care that I had no idea what I was doing.

You don't need a place far away for a overnight, You just need the Wayside Inn!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ride Anouncment, Wednesday 5-4-11

Meet us for a 30 mile roller around historic Sudbury on Wednesday May 5th starting at the Wayside Inn's old grist mill on Wayside Inn Road, just down the street from the Inn.
Ride starts at 11:00 and will stop at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson for a light lunch.
Bring locks and cash for our stop.
Rain cancels the ride, but light drizzle will only make it better.
RSVP at 508-333-4056.
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie, Part, Whatever!

Hello? Can we talk? But first, could someone please call the Stuffie Police?
I mean really, Stuffie's are an art, Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray, ya, but the art medium needs to follow some sort of form, at least to start. Right?

Capt' Marden's in Wellesley offers a "Stuffed Clam" at there take out. (remember the town, the stuffy ,fictional caracter Charles from the TV show, M.A.S.H. was from? BTW, differnt kind of stuffy. Thats Wellesley.)
Premium priced, one might expect premium product. Maybe its just me, but shouldn't there be at least some ground rules for our favorite apri-cruise beer snack?
If there isn't, then lets at least consider what one might expect.
First, You need a Quahog Shell. Need.
Cherry stone shell's are cute, but clearly way to small for all the stuffed,,, hmmm,, stuff.
After that one would expect Clams and bread crumbs. Its that simple, Quahog Shell, stuffed with bread crumbs and clam. Give the job to a child and it should work out, right?

Marden's starts with a Scallop shell, Cute, but no cigar and no ashtray for the cigar. This says two things, The clams did not come from the shell, and they really dont want to "Stuff" a Clam! Hello? You cant "Stuff" a Scallop shell! It sits on top.
Change the name to something like, "Scallop shells topped with Stuffed Clam stuffing" or St Jacque,,something! But not Stuffed Clams. Can you Imagine telling them that you want a bag of clams and pointing at the Scallops? (wiggle your finger, stomp on the floor, "no, the clams!")
Which brings up another topic. Mardens uses more bacon then clams.

Keeping in the Swellesly tradition, small and expensive is cute for some, But taking the roll of the best, one expects that a little homework on the subject would need to be done and the medium be taken as a challenge to be the best.

After all is said, Mardens did do a great job at there version. They were quite yummy, but not the Southern New England tradition one would expect.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Sun for Easter Sunday

I have never been a big fan of sunny days. The extra exposure to the rays and the added glare can be a problem.
Photography and cycling alike, the sun can make things difficult at times and for comfortable riding, I prefer cloudy and 55 degrees.
That said, except for the fog and damp roads, today will be a great day to ride!
I hope you all get out today.

It turned out to be a Beautiful Sunny and Warm day today. The nicest day this year!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Sunday Ride and The New Beginning

Easter Sunday has always been a time when the "Good Bike" comes out. Warmer weather makes for a nice ride and with flowers in bloom, a new beginning.
Easter, if not for anything else is just that. Like the symbolism of the egg, a new beginning.
Recumbents for the most part and for most people are their New Beginning. The new style of riding with a heads up view. What new rider hasn't felt re-born after getting the balance and the feel down.
If you are still thinking about adding a Recumbent to your lifestyle. Know this:
Come on in, The water is fine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"April Showers may Bring Recumbents " Ride Report

Two Riders, Fifteen miles.

Cold and Raw. No rain, not evan one drop. It felt damp, but never wet.

A new rider to the Bosrug adventures, Barbara from Medfield showed and we went out to explore the mishap at the Walker Home bridge on Centre/Central on the Dover/Needham town line. Retired Cheif Carl Sherden gave us the whole story how a truck went through the railing and,,, Well you would have had to be there to get the full story. It looks as if the Bridge will be closed for a while.
Wilsondale Street was dry and fast. Always a pleasure.
As cold as the day was. the ride was nice. Every moment, a blast! We split up at Pine Street in Dover, (the street that Barbara lives on) and made plans for a ride sometime at a later date. I assured her that the rest of our group will love to have her along.

I admit it - I am a Wimp!

posted by Danni

So, this morning when I was taking my daughter to school I decided that the day was cold, raw, and on the unpleasant side and I really wasn't looking forward to going biking. When I got home I scolded myself for being such a wimp and went about getting myself ready for the ride. However, when it came time to put Ben in the car and I went out and it was still cold, raw, and unpleasant, I was really second guessing myself as to whether I truly wanted to ride or not. I came into the house and called Scott who was quick to assure me that, "Yes, the first 15 minutes of the ride are really going to SUCK!!!!" (Oh great, that’s just what I needed to hear!) He continued to say that he had ridden yesterday in the same sort of weather and after the start it ended up being a really nice ride. O.K! He convinced me. I was going to ride. I know from experience that often the best times are had when you are most reluctant to start out and you have low expectations. I was in! I got in my car and started to drive to Scott's house and half way there, of course, it started to rain.

At this point I figured the powers of the universe were doing their best to convince me that today just wasn't a day for me to ride. Now, I'm going to guess that by Scott's house not a single drop of rain has fallen, nor will it, because I cancelled the ride and the powers of universe were just trying to make me look like a wimp. (They succeeded!) However I am 100% certain that had I sucked it up and insisted on riding, we would have gotten to the furthest point away from Scott's house where there were no public places in which to take cover, and it would have started pouring and the gods would be laughing at me for not heeding their warnings. So there you have it. The gods have won. I admit it. I am a wimp!!

Now, I am well aware that after teasing the boys who rode last Tuesday about their misadventures, that I am leaving myself wide open to much ridicule given the fact that I actually backed out of today's ride. However, I have come to realize that I am the only person who, after having read the weather forecast, still RSVP'd yes for the ride. Now call it stupidity, lack of experience, wishful thinking, etc., but I was really hoping the ride would work out today and I still feel terrible for canceling. So Scott, given that you were the ONLY person who was up to doing the ride today, please feel free to tease me mercilessly. All of you others, I just want to point out that you bagged out even before I did. So if any of YOU would like to give me a hard time for wimping out, I am putting my fingers in my ears and humming loudly in a sing-song voice, "I'm not listening!!!!!!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"April Showers may Bring Recumbents" Ride

Join us for another BOSRUG adventure today,
4-20-11, at 11:00 am.

Tuesday, 4-19-11. at 12:15 pm (click on this photo}

RSVP at my email address to the right ------------>

We again will be riding as a group to somewhere nice for a light lunch and returning back to Dover sometime around 2:00.

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie

Six Stops with in the first mile!
The ride got off slowly as if we all needed a good mechanic or something. Issues with fit, tire hop, and clicking sounds, it took us close to an hour to go the first mile and a half to the Sherborn town line.
Four men on a mission, The Quest for the perfect "Stuffie", (Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray."
The closer we got the hungrier we got. Some riders never had tasted this Southern New England treat. Trusting the lead riders, the group followed through with plan. Over hill and hill again. Using their noses as guides to seek and conqure.
Waves from some of the passing cars and thumbs up from one Fedex driver., The riders intent and look on their faces said it all. This was not just another test ride. The riders meant business and their goal would be achieved with honor and grace.
At the second mile we stopped again.

At the tenth stop it was duly noted that having reached the sixth mile, that we had traveled almost 4 miles with out one stop and the longest we had ridden as a group this year
Recumbent muscles are something that just aren't used while drinking beer and watching movies. The sport that was practiced over the cold snowy winter. Grunts and grown's, (Know as Geesing) could be heard by the people we passed.
Blaming it on the machinery, the men journied forward to seek and now in their minds, destroy the innocent Stuffies.

Sunglasses photo

The Hill.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And The Hits Keep on Coming!

Twenty Thousand of them!
Thanks for reading BOSRUG!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Remember to click on the photos to make them larger. Double click when yoy see the + icon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow? No Joke!

Just what we dont need, Spring snow. Just when we thought it was over. More of the white stuff.

March went quickly. like a flash. It never seemed to warm up, I can only remember a couple of days where it reached 50 degrees.

One can only hope, warm days are on the way, but dont count on it. We are in New England

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ride Report

Two riders. 27 miles, fast pace.
What a beautiful day! Cold and windy and if anybody wants to argue, we saw piles of snow that were not melting.

I would have to say that the best part of the ride today was when we noticed a huge flock of doves, with one black pigeon, (same bird by the way) flying around and around,. So beautiful with the bright sunlight lighting up the wings as they went into full sun.
Out of what seemed nowhere, came a good sized hawk and flew into the passing, swooping group.
It seemed to have one for a while and took off out of the group. It got loose and later joined the flock at a much higher altitude.
We did a really nice ride of all back roads with Crocuses popping up with every glance. Its Spring here, finally and today made us feel as if we were over the hump.
Enjoy the photos:

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