Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Days on the Road

How exciting! Heading off for a two day Bosrug adventure for an overnight at the Wayside Inn in historic Sudbury Ma.!
The weather forecasted did not look good. Rain on and off and cloudy.
Packing for rain is always more gear and more of a consideration. As we packed, the sun came out and really did not look as if it was going to go back in.
The plan for the day was to stay on back roads for a s long as possible except for the crossing of Route 9 and the Mas pike. Boston has a band of highly traveled roads heading West out of Boston so to cross from the South to the North, a Cyclist needs to know the best crossing for the safest roads.
We headed out after rush hour and rode south on some of the prettiest roads in Southern New England. The Spring color was at its peak. Flowering trees with every glance and every corner. The Lilac's have popped and the Forsythia is just now starting to go by.
The plan was to stop at the John Stone Inn in Ashland for a light lunch and be to the Wayside by 6:00 to meet with Danni for a picnic that she was preparing.
The text on my cell phone said "Be Hungry!" so lunch would just be soup and a beer, outdoors, because the sun never went in. How perfect. Mid to high 70's with a light wind. the smell of the air was like Heaven!
We arrived at the Inn at exactly 3:00 (Check in time!) and dumped our gear and headed out again for a bottle of wine for the room. The only spot was down old RT 20, one of the busiest roads around.
We made is safely back to the Inn and asked for a safe place to keep the Recumbents for the evening. See the photo:
The Henry Ford bedroom

At 6:30 the text on the cell phone said, "Were Here!" We went down stares and found Danni and her lovely Daughter, Alexa with huge smiles. Too chilly now for an outside picnics, we went to the car and got the large cooler and 3 large bags of dinner for a indoor picnic in room #9.
Something I have done before with other friends and family, we love to bring our dinner and have our own space.
A school night for Alexa, we cleaned up the room and packed the cooler to return to the car.
Much to our suprize, as we passed the Ford Bedroom, the tables and bicycles had been pushed aside and there about 18 people dancing with a fife and drum. Colonial Dancing, we were pulled into the room and added to the group. We really had no choice in the matter. Danni went right to it as if she not only knew that it was going to happen but as if she belonged. Alexa and I just looked on until we too got pulled in.
Wonderful! The dancers did not care that I had no idea what I was doing.

You don't need a place far away for a overnight, You just need the Wayside Inn!


  1. OF COURSE I belonged!  It was a dance floor!! I thought you knew me well enough to know that I ALWAYS 'belong' on a dance floor.  The dancing was great fun!  The perfect end to a wonderful evening spent with some of my favorite people on the planet. 

  2. Your Mother's radiation oncologist was also one of the dancers...


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