Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie

Six Stops with in the first mile!
The ride got off slowly as if we all needed a good mechanic or something. Issues with fit, tire hop, and clicking sounds, it took us close to an hour to go the first mile and a half to the Sherborn town line.
Four men on a mission, The Quest for the perfect "Stuffie", (Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray."
The closer we got the hungrier we got. Some riders never had tasted this Southern New England treat. Trusting the lead riders, the group followed through with plan. Over hill and hill again. Using their noses as guides to seek and conqure.
Waves from some of the passing cars and thumbs up from one Fedex driver., The riders intent and look on their faces said it all. This was not just another test ride. The riders meant business and their goal would be achieved with honor and grace.
At the second mile we stopped again.

At the tenth stop it was duly noted that having reached the sixth mile, that we had traveled almost 4 miles with out one stop and the longest we had ridden as a group this year
Recumbent muscles are something that just aren't used while drinking beer and watching movies. The sport that was practiced over the cold snowy winter. Grunts and grown's, (Know as Geesing) could be heard by the people we passed.
Blaming it on the machinery, the men journied forward to seek and now in their minds, destroy the innocent Stuffies.

Sunglasses photo

The Hill.


  1. You boys just needed a woman there to whip you all into shape. There would have been no stopping or grunting and groaning because you would have all wanted to look tough ;-)

    Sounds like it was great fun. Sorry I missed it.

    And why is it that the stuffie rides are always when I can't make it? Are you trying to tell me something, Scott?

  2. Now Danni, You know that just like the 3 Stooges, Stuffies can only really be enjoied by Men Only!

  3. OK, I admit it! You got me on the 3 Stooges. I don't know any women who REALLY enjoy them. However, I absolutely love to get stuffed. Oh, wait! That's something completely different. Oops!!! Never mind . . .


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