Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Tool for the Job

Reprinted from 3-11-2010

The job of walking got complicated with the invention of the bicycle. Needing to do something faster usually does. Just how to cycle became more complicated with the starting of the patent office. Who gets credit and paid for how we choose to do things is very complicated indeed!
Over the years with the invention of some new tools, frendships have ended and friends gone there own ways. Some I'm sure some of them never talked again.
The guy with the first chain saw I'm sure pissed off all his friends with their old style of wood cutting. The noise, the smoke, and the speed of how much wood you could cut up in one tenth the time. It drowned out the chop chop chop of the lonely axe for sure. You know they all smiled when the first chain saw operator's cut themselves. Served them right for being so,,,,,New, Or something like that.
Here in New England we are the first to invent something, but the last to except it. If it was really that good or needed, someone would have invented it already.
Just what was the first guy with the first cell phone trying to prove? Couldn't he wait to make or receive a call? What kind of person needs to have a phone all the time anyway? Everyone?
The "Art" of photography went away the day we changed from Photo-Chemical process to Digital, Didn't it? Nope!
Trying something new can always be an experience. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Having the knowledge of at least trying the new tool can be reassuring that your opinion was correct or prove you wrong.
One of my all time favorite Bicycle Moments was with a Senior Cyclist, Joseph Cote.
On the subject of Fixed Gear Bicycle Riding, he told me that when he was a winning bicycle racer back in the 30's, that when ever anybody showed up with "one of those derailleur bikes" They knew they were out of shape!
Funny how things change!

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