Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Sun in Sight

One look at the ten day weather forecast will show you that were in for a long stretch of cloudy and sometimes wet weather. One can only guess how green it will get and how little riding will be going on.
Only the diligent with ether places to go, miles to train, and the "need" to get out will be seen on the streets of Southern New England for what looks like a while.
Tips on how to deal have been covered in this blog time and time again. Embracing the rain and understanding that staying warm is the only thing important.
I remember me and my friend Chris passing a fellow in a kayak while pedaling under water, close to neck deep at Lake Waban in Wellesley. We were not trying to stay dry. That was the same day we took cover in a shed because of the thunder and lighting. Moments later, the shed got hit.
I don't remember the next day of riding, but I will always remember that one.
Rain always makes things different and thus, interesting. Stories to tell later in life and a remembrance of when we had a chance to really be alive.


  1. What do you wear over your eyes in the rain. I went out for a ride this morning and got caught in some significant rain. I rode for awhile with my sunglasses on, but my vision of cars coming from behind got very poor. Seeing through the drops is difficult and some fogging while slowing down for turns, which of course is when you REALLY want to see.

    I stopped and removed the glasses, but then had a hard time looking ahead with the rain in my eyes.

  2. You have to keep your glasses super clean. If you clean them each time you use them, the water will bead up and fall off.
    Tilting the glasses forward will equalize the temp on both sides of the lens and keep them from fogging. This works for me.


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