Monday, July 4, 2011

Remember the 4th of July

History isn't clear. Although the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from England occurred on July 2, 1776, the 4th has become the recognized day for celebrating our Independence from the Crown.
The day of freedom means different things to different people. I picture for some its the only day of the year when they eat hot dogs.
Summer foods play a major roll in the 4th BBQ's and picnics. Im sure some folks day is not complete without that special something that has been part of the table for their whole life's. Jello with marsh mellows, A festival of food!
Remembering the 4th means different things to different people.
Remember the catsup!
Remember the paper plates!
I like to remember 3 guys, Tom, Ben and of course John.
They had an idea that should have made our life's easier. Allowing us to be who we are, without connection with a King or Queen. Equal for the most part with as good of a chance as the next guy to become exactly what we want to be.
I also like to remember the French,. The folks we like to forget when it comes to our revolution. Their helping hand was huge.
On this day of fun and fireworks, remember the reason why we celebrate. United in an idea at a time of a not so united United States.


  1. Jeeze, Dad. I got your point. I got the paper plates last night.

  2. And remember your Grandmother, Delia Angers was her birthday.


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