Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ride Announcement, Sunday Morning, 5-29

Meet us in Waltham AT 8:30 AM, across the street from the Waltham Watch Factory on Crescent Street for a ride down the "River Walk" bicycle path to the Bunker Hill Monument and back.
This is a ride that Geoff and I did last year on this date and found the streets along the river closed off for the "Run to Remember" half marathon.
RSVP at 508-333-4056 if your running late or can not find the starting point in Waltham.
Hard rain will cancel the ride. Hope to see you there!


  1. Remember, Run to Remember is on 5/29, not 5/22. Still a good ride though, especially if lobster tails are involved.

  2. Perfect morning for a ride. Great ride & good turnout. Now for a nap. :-)

  3. A nap?!? I came home rarin' to go. I had my daughter take me out and teach me how to ride her 'ripstik.' It was a lot of fun but I'm finding walking to be a bit difficult today. I think it has something to do with the 'end-o' I took when I tried to take off with the board facing the wrong direction. Ooops!!! At least there weren't any mirrors to break ;-)

    It was a great ride yesterday. Thanks everyone for the fun!!!!


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