Friday, June 3, 2011

Tunnel Riding

Ahh!, The Green Tunnel. At this time of year in Southern New England, its possible for a rider to stay under cover for most of their ride. Linking up back country roads narrow enough to have tree cover from the sun for most of the day.

Some such roads can be found South of Boston in what is known as the "M Towns."
Medfield, Millis, Medway, Milford and of course Norfolk. OK, it doesn't start with the letter M, but did you ever hear their High School Cheer? Another perk of the BOSRUG adventure!
As time goes on, things change. Farms and wooded lots are being cut up for developments of questionable taste. The Green Tunnel and Tunnel riding as we know will someday be part of the past. Lets enjoy it while we can!

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