Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recumbents on Television

I love seeing anything about recumbents on TV.

This is from Gale Boetticher's "Lab Notes" from the hit television HBO series, "Breaking Bad"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Blog Launched

Please follow us on our new adventure starting September 11th.
Twenty Five days of off road Tandem Travel. This is going to be incredible!

This is what Wiki has to say about it:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuffie's in Boston

Google "Stuffies in Boston" and you find my blog. Cool! But when customers come to WW and said I found you because of your Stuffie reviews on Bosrug, its a little strange.
It has happened more then once. Funny to me anyway.
The quest for the perfect Stuffie goes on but this time out side of Boston, This time still in Southern New England.

"Hammerhead Grill" in Narragansett, RI. does a great job. Possibly the best we have had. Narragansett Summer Ale in a can to back it up, the presentation was the very best we have had. The clam to bread ratio was perfect. They understand.

We love this spot, on the water with a beautiful view, A must see when looking for a great beach get-a-way.
The Hammerhead also had one dollar taco's. Soft or hard, they as well as the Stuffie were better then expected. Mt vote: 5 Stars!
We will return!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its Never Too Hot to Ride

The "Too Much Club" has reported today that its too hot to ride.

Their list is long:
Too Hot
Too Cold
Too Windy
Too Wet
Too Sandy
Too Snowy
Too Sunny
Too Buggy
Too Dark
Too Early
Too Late
Too Much!

I actually heard someone say, "Im not riding today because I rode too much yesterday"


The Too Much Club is looking for members. Know anyone?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving On

Nothing better to move on, Something New and Different, It times of moving that has one seeing things in a different angle. It allows you to take another look at life and its pleasures.
Some people change styles for the need to do something different. Many folks come to me with the need to change to recumbent riding. Medical issues have them seeking a new style. Sometimes actually recommended by Doctors, about 25% of my customers come in as a result of a Doctor's suggestion. This time of year Pan Mass Challenge riders have been told to switch.
If there were only Recumbents, would there ever be a health related need to switch to a Diamond Frame Bicycle? Probably not.
Recumbents have you seeing the world in a different angle. Relaxed and heads up. Hard not to smile as you fly along sitting back just simply, Moving On.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My First Flat Bike Tire - A Novel

posted by Danni

I always envisioned that I would get my first flat bike tire when I was alone, far from home, in bad weather, with some sort of time constraint which would make a speedy repair necessary (i.e. needing to pick my daughter up from school.) Thankfully, this is not at all how it happened. Which, given the trials and tribulations I encountered in getting the damned thing fixed, was a VERY good thing!

This past Wednesday I had just completed a super short ride from home to the Grist Mill and back. I was walking my bike into the house when I was startled by a loud popping noise followed by a great deal of hissing. I laughed when I realized that my first flat tire had happened in the comfort of my own home. Could I be any luckier?

The next day was a beautiful day for a bike ride so I was determined to fix the flat tire. A couple of years ago, just before I took possession of my new recumbent, a friend had taught me how to change a bike tire. Since I consider myself to be a fairly competent person I felt I could remember what he had taught me and, given that I wasn’t stranded on the side of the road and I had plenty of time to figure things out, I knew I would be successful.

In my mind I heard my friend’s voice instructing me on how to fix a flat, “Step 1: If you are at home, go to the fridge and get a nice, cold beer. (All successful bike repairs start with a nice, cold beer :) Step 2: . . . “ So, while hearing my friend’s voice in my mind I set myself to the task of fixing the flat. I really thought I was doing great. I remembered to run my finger along the inside of the tire before inserting the new tube to make sure there wasn’t anything sharp that would re-puncture the tube. I remembered to only slightly inflate the tire to make sure the tube was not squeezed between the tire and the rim before fully inflating it. Heck, I even remembered to align the words on the tire with the words on the rim given that aesthetics are very important to my friend who taught me how to change a tire and I knew he would take notice. I felt I was doing great. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I was even starting to feel a bit smug. So, with everything done and seemingly in order, I happily started to pump up my first successfully repaired tire. 80 psi . . . 95 psi . . . 100 psi . . . 115 psi (almost to 120) . . . 118 psi . . . POP!!!! Ssssssssssssssssssssssss!

What did I do wrong?!!!!!

In much despair I emailed my friend who taught me how to change a tire to see if he could offer some words of wisdom to help me get the thing fixed. Thankfully, he took pity on me and offered to help me with the repair - a good thing, too. With my complete lack of experience it would have taken me a long while (and several more popped tubes) before I would have noticed what he saw immediately - the sidewall of my tire had a hole in it. He showed me how to insert a tire boot and we quickly patched the tube - too quickly as it turns out. With the tire back together he started to fill it with air. When the tire was almost full, “SSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Well, at least there wasn’t a loud popping sound this time. That’s a good thing, right? (Those loud pops are startling and they really hurt the ears.) He knew immediately that we didn’t let the patch cure long enough. I threw him my last new tube and, much more quickly than I ever could have done, he had the tire repaired . . . FINALLY.

However . . . it was a temporary repair since the hole in the sidewall was so bad the tire had a pronounced bulge. I just wasn’t comfortable with the thought of riding my bike with a bulging tire. I knew that the tire was bound to blow again and this time it wasn’t going to be in the comfort of my front hallway. I needed a new tire before I could ride my bike again. Fast forward to the next morning with me sitting in much traffic to get to Belmont Wheelworks where, after much searching and a call to Scott (who hadn’t yet arrived to work) to see if they actually had a tire to fit my bike, I finally had a new tire.

With the new tire in hand I headed back to my friend’s place. He knew just how frustrated I was at this point and, once again, offered to help with the repair. However, he wasn’t being as chivalrous as he had been the night before. This time I had to endure much teasing in exchange for his services. You see, when I arrived at his place he was in his driveway repairing his own flat bike tire. He immediately started teasing me that I was cursed with bad tire luck and it was affecting everyone around me. It turns out that, not only did his bike have a flat tire that morning, his landlady’s car had a flat tire, as well. “Great!,” I thought, “Now I’m being accused of carrying a flat tire curse. Can it get any worse?” (Hint: Never ask this question. You’ll just tempt the Gods!)

So, once again, in very short order he had the new tire put together and ready for air. With some mock trepidation (a.k.a. more teasing) given the fact that the tire would most probably pop again given my curse, he proceeded to fill the tire with air . . . POP! Ssssssssssssssssssssss! NOT AGAIN! :(

In his mind I’m sure he was thinking that I truly was cursed. In my mind I was thinking that the Gods were teaching him a lesson for ruthlessly teasing a ‘damsel in distress.’ In any case, I was glad that I had purchased not one, but three, new tubes when I purchased my new tire. I found myself wondering how many we would go through before the tire was finally repaired – that is, if it ever could be repaired. Maybe I truly did have a flat tire curse.

Finally, we were able to successfully repair the damned thing. It was just then that Chamberlain rode into the driveway with a happy, non-stressed, “Hello!” And before I could even get out a quick hello in reply, my friend blurted out a warning, “Scott, keep your bike well away from Danni unless you are in the mood to change a tire!”


Anyway, if you find yourself looking for somebody with whom to go on a recumbent ride this summer, I would love to join you. I’d just highly recommend that you make sure your tire repair kit is well stocked and you have SEVERAL spare tubes with you. Hey, you might even consider bringing a spare tire, as well - just in case . . .

Monday, May 14, 2012

Recumbent Bicycle Review

Over the next couple of months, BOSRUG will be reviewing Recumbent Bicycles to give you an idea as to which bike may be best for you.
Generally matching the style of bike with the type of cycling you prefer is always best. Lighter bikes for longer rides and heavier duty for rough city streets.
Check back for updates and if you have a bicycle you want us to review for you, contact me at the email address to the right.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Changing World of Alex Singer

One of the most famous bicycle shops in Paris is Alex Singer. Builders since the 1930's of custom Touring bicycles and Tandems, Singer attracts lovers of the hand built from all over the world.
On our last visit in early March, I was quite surprised to find what they had in their back room.

All Carbon M5 Recumbent

Not what most riders of steel bikes would expect to see in one of the most prestigious hand built custom bicycle shops in the world! My how things have changed!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One More

Thats me standing in the lower left.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Road I Found Today

Some roads were meant for recumbents. The never ending down hill or room with a view. No matter the road, recumbents give you the feeling of just wanting to go back to the top and do it again!
Heres one any recumbent rider would love. Maybe its near your hometown. Any guesses where this is?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

It Just Is.

Newbes want to know all. They want to know what they would simply figure out for themselves by just having a recumbent for a week. Words don't speak for actions when it comes to cycling.
Its my job to convince possible buyers that a recumbent is the bicycle for the job. I love Rich pinto's thing about Diamond Frame bicycles and the skinny seat. "I will take those seats seriously when I see them in peoples cars and living rooms!"
One hundred and seventy five years of bicycle design and most riders choose to ride a bike that looks like a horse!
,,, And Cooper,, "Jeese, do you think that if they made them first in the shape of a recumbent, the would evolve to a diamond frame?"
Out of all my recumbent sales, everyone loves them. They become advocates over night. Things heard like, "Its hard to stop riding it!" and "I love the view!"
Wrists, neck, and butt pain only comes up explaining the lack of. The fun of something different on the sport we have spent hours doing is like being born again. It just is.

Friday, February 24, 2012

This Blog, Fueled by Comments

You may have noticed the lack of postings over the last two months. This writer gets the feeling that without response from readers, the Bosrug Adventure is not being read.
Bolg writers look for two things, Reader comments and the number of members of the blog. If things don't change, it becomes easy to assume that the blog is no longer needed and not being read.
Thank You for reading in the past and for those of you that did take the time to comment and add to this blog. an extra special thanks goes to you for helping and sharing your thoughts.
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