Sunday, May 22, 2011


The first thing that comes to a new recumbent customer's mind is if you can bee seen on the road. The fact of the matter is that you are seen more because of the oddity of the machine. Drivers sometimes cant take their eye off of you.
Because drivers for the most part are not really sure what their looking at, they pass at greater distances and give the rider more space.
That said, if the driver isn't looking at the road, they will not see anything. Riders talk about how bad it is now with texting and emails being read behind the wheel but quickly has been forgotten that drivers have always been pre-occupied while operating their car. Years ago without seat belts, kids could climb over seats and distract the driver that was sometimes smoking. It was a time when there were no bicycle paths or lanes. It has gotten better over time because drivers now know what its like to pass a bicycle.
As riders we know dangerous intersections. We know where to be along side trucks and how to "Be Seen."
I have always gone with the understanding that I should always ride as though invisible. Never expecting that I have been seen. Eye contact with drivers before crossing in front. Its only when I forget, thing can get bad.


  1. Great masthead pix! Is that the left turn onto 109 in Medfield?
    Nice ride this morning!

  2. Yes, I think thats the corner.
    Yes, Great ride today. Hopefully next Sunday,(same ride) will be a little warmer. Nice to have had the North End stop!


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