Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie, Part, Whatever!

Hello? Can we talk? But first, could someone please call the Stuffie Police?
I mean really, Stuffie's are an art, Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray, ya, but the art medium needs to follow some sort of form, at least to start. Right?

Capt' Marden's in Wellesley offers a "Stuffed Clam" at there take out. (remember the town, the stuffy ,fictional caracter Charles from the TV show, M.A.S.H. was from? BTW, differnt kind of stuffy. Thats Wellesley.)
Premium priced, one might expect premium product. Maybe its just me, but shouldn't there be at least some ground rules for our favorite apri-cruise beer snack?
If there isn't, then lets at least consider what one might expect.
First, You need a Quahog Shell. Need.
Cherry stone shell's are cute, but clearly way to small for all the stuffed,,, hmmm,, stuff.
After that one would expect Clams and bread crumbs. Its that simple, Quahog Shell, stuffed with bread crumbs and clam. Give the job to a child and it should work out, right?

Marden's starts with a Scallop shell, Cute, but no cigar and no ashtray for the cigar. This says two things, The clams did not come from the shell, and they really dont want to "Stuff" a Clam! Hello? You cant "Stuff" a Scallop shell! It sits on top.
Change the name to something like, "Scallop shells topped with Stuffed Clam stuffing" or St Jacque,,something! But not Stuffed Clams. Can you Imagine telling them that you want a bag of clams and pointing at the Scallops? (wiggle your finger, stomp on the floor, "no, the clams!")
Which brings up another topic. Mardens uses more bacon then clams.

Keeping in the Swellesly tradition, small and expensive is cute for some, But taking the roll of the best, one expects that a little homework on the subject would need to be done and the medium be taken as a challenge to be the best.

After all is said, Mardens did do a great job at there version. They were quite yummy, but not the Southern New England tradition one would expect.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Sun for Easter Sunday

I have never been a big fan of sunny days. The extra exposure to the rays and the added glare can be a problem.
Photography and cycling alike, the sun can make things difficult at times and for comfortable riding, I prefer cloudy and 55 degrees.
That said, except for the fog and damp roads, today will be a great day to ride!
I hope you all get out today.

It turned out to be a Beautiful Sunny and Warm day today. The nicest day this year!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Sunday Ride and The New Beginning

Easter Sunday has always been a time when the "Good Bike" comes out. Warmer weather makes for a nice ride and with flowers in bloom, a new beginning.
Easter, if not for anything else is just that. Like the symbolism of the egg, a new beginning.
Recumbents for the most part and for most people are their New Beginning. The new style of riding with a heads up view. What new rider hasn't felt re-born after getting the balance and the feel down.
If you are still thinking about adding a Recumbent to your lifestyle. Know this:
Come on in, The water is fine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"April Showers may Bring Recumbents " Ride Report

Two Riders, Fifteen miles.

Cold and Raw. No rain, not evan one drop. It felt damp, but never wet.

A new rider to the Bosrug adventures, Barbara from Medfield showed and we went out to explore the mishap at the Walker Home bridge on Centre/Central on the Dover/Needham town line. Retired Cheif Carl Sherden gave us the whole story how a truck went through the railing and,,, Well you would have had to be there to get the full story. It looks as if the Bridge will be closed for a while.
Wilsondale Street was dry and fast. Always a pleasure.
As cold as the day was. the ride was nice. Every moment, a blast! We split up at Pine Street in Dover, (the street that Barbara lives on) and made plans for a ride sometime at a later date. I assured her that the rest of our group will love to have her along.

I admit it - I am a Wimp!

posted by Danni

So, this morning when I was taking my daughter to school I decided that the day was cold, raw, and on the unpleasant side and I really wasn't looking forward to going biking. When I got home I scolded myself for being such a wimp and went about getting myself ready for the ride. However, when it came time to put Ben in the car and I went out and it was still cold, raw, and unpleasant, I was really second guessing myself as to whether I truly wanted to ride or not. I came into the house and called Scott who was quick to assure me that, "Yes, the first 15 minutes of the ride are really going to SUCK!!!!" (Oh great, that’s just what I needed to hear!) He continued to say that he had ridden yesterday in the same sort of weather and after the start it ended up being a really nice ride. O.K! He convinced me. I was going to ride. I know from experience that often the best times are had when you are most reluctant to start out and you have low expectations. I was in! I got in my car and started to drive to Scott's house and half way there, of course, it started to rain.

At this point I figured the powers of the universe were doing their best to convince me that today just wasn't a day for me to ride. Now, I'm going to guess that by Scott's house not a single drop of rain has fallen, nor will it, because I cancelled the ride and the powers of universe were just trying to make me look like a wimp. (They succeeded!) However I am 100% certain that had I sucked it up and insisted on riding, we would have gotten to the furthest point away from Scott's house where there were no public places in which to take cover, and it would have started pouring and the gods would be laughing at me for not heeding their warnings. So there you have it. The gods have won. I admit it. I am a wimp!!

Now, I am well aware that after teasing the boys who rode last Tuesday about their misadventures, that I am leaving myself wide open to much ridicule given the fact that I actually backed out of today's ride. However, I have come to realize that I am the only person who, after having read the weather forecast, still RSVP'd yes for the ride. Now call it stupidity, lack of experience, wishful thinking, etc., but I was really hoping the ride would work out today and I still feel terrible for canceling. So Scott, given that you were the ONLY person who was up to doing the ride today, please feel free to tease me mercilessly. All of you others, I just want to point out that you bagged out even before I did. So if any of YOU would like to give me a hard time for wimping out, I am putting my fingers in my ears and humming loudly in a sing-song voice, "I'm not listening!!!!!!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"April Showers may Bring Recumbents" Ride

Join us for another BOSRUG adventure today,
4-20-11, at 11:00 am.

Tuesday, 4-19-11. at 12:15 pm (click on this photo}

RSVP at my email address to the right ------------>

We again will be riding as a group to somewhere nice for a light lunch and returning back to Dover sometime around 2:00.

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie

Six Stops with in the first mile!
The ride got off slowly as if we all needed a good mechanic or something. Issues with fit, tire hop, and clicking sounds, it took us close to an hour to go the first mile and a half to the Sherborn town line.
Four men on a mission, The Quest for the perfect "Stuffie", (Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray."
The closer we got the hungrier we got. Some riders never had tasted this Southern New England treat. Trusting the lead riders, the group followed through with plan. Over hill and hill again. Using their noses as guides to seek and conqure.
Waves from some of the passing cars and thumbs up from one Fedex driver., The riders intent and look on their faces said it all. This was not just another test ride. The riders meant business and their goal would be achieved with honor and grace.
At the second mile we stopped again.

At the tenth stop it was duly noted that having reached the sixth mile, that we had traveled almost 4 miles with out one stop and the longest we had ridden as a group this year
Recumbent muscles are something that just aren't used while drinking beer and watching movies. The sport that was practiced over the cold snowy winter. Grunts and grown's, (Know as Geesing) could be heard by the people we passed.
Blaming it on the machinery, the men journied forward to seek and now in their minds, destroy the innocent Stuffies.

Sunglasses photo

The Hill.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And The Hits Keep on Coming!

Twenty Thousand of them!
Thanks for reading BOSRUG!

Monday, April 4, 2011

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow? No Joke!

Just what we dont need, Spring snow. Just when we thought it was over. More of the white stuff.

March went quickly. like a flash. It never seemed to warm up, I can only remember a couple of days where it reached 50 degrees.

One can only hope, warm days are on the way, but dont count on it. We are in New England
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