Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Colder Days Are Coming!

Last night assured me that winter is not long off. The freak snow of last October was assurance enough that New England has not changed with its surprises of of temperature drop in a 24 hour period, but last night did it for me. Although there was no ice, heading out and really seeing my breath was.
Over the past week we have seen mild enough days for riding without jacket or glove. More like September, we enjoyed wind free riding on Wednesday only to have Thursday turn into what I would call "a classic New England November day." Just like I remember as a child riding home from school, caught without gloves, hands red as a cooked lobster claws.
Its never been easier to stay warm. Most of the sales at the shop today will be clothing. Did you know that you can spend $75.00 on a undershirt? How about $500.00 on a Jacket?
Layering still remains to be the best way to deal. You most likely have what you need to stay warm and comfortable if you are reading this right now. Just not this years fashion.
Colder days have us again dreaming of rides like the one pictured above. Days when only shirt and shorts will be needed to stay comfortable and enjoy riding. Just like last Wednesday!

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