Friday, October 28, 2011

And So it Goes

It snowed here last night. Not enough to shovel, but enough to assure me that Winter is coming. Long cold nights, fires in the fireplace. All the comfort food in the world will not have me looking forward to whats ahead.

Here's hoping a few things:
Lets hope for less snow on the roads then last year.
Lets hope for less sand and salt too.
Lets hope for surprise warm days, the gift we all love.
Lets hope for as short of a Winter as what the Summer seemed to be!

I never wanted BOSRUG to becone a rant. The type of things you read all the time. I always wanted to remain a positive collection of inspiration for its readers to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Riding walking or just being.

With a little shift in our outdoor fun and happy get togethers with friends and family, Maybe we could learn to love the cold snowy weather and the short winter days.

But then again, Maybe not.

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  1. I'm putting fresh tires - front & rear - on the R40 as soon as I get back from FL. Should have plenty of tread so I can ride into winter. Looking forward to it! :-)


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