Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lasting Fun

There is nothing like a bike ride. Not easy to forget, I recall rides years later about things seen and things found.
As I have become older, I tend to just want to "Ride my Horse" and not "Ride my horse into battle."
I have been told that no one rides like I ride. Not for speed but for fun. On road with a off road bike or off road with a road bike, it really doesn't matter. It all about the adventure and as a result,the memories. When it gets hard, the stories get good.
The stories always start out,"There was one time" or "Did I ever tell you about that ride that Me and (fill in the blank) did when we got caught in the rain, in the dark at the 102 mile mark?"
Lasting memories are good enough reason to wear a helmet or to at least write them down.
When things get tough during normal, off the bike, times, its nice to go back in my head and remember better moments when we had the best time anybody could ever imagine on a bicycle. Its what I know as "Lasting Fun"


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time Scott wanted to take me through the Concord Rte. 2 rotary? (Giggles!!!!! ;-)

  2. Always remember: "Ride with Scott. Not like Scott."


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