Thursday, November 3, 2011

So What Do You Want?

I was listening to an interview with Bicycle Historian John Pinkerton after he learned that he had lung cancer and possibly did not have much longer to live.
One of the things that stood out with me in the interview was how he was sorry that it took him so long to learn how to cycle for pleasure.
It seemed as if he was referring to his past rides were to prove something to himself and to others, how fast, how far, How steep and how hard.
Cyclists for the most part enjoy what their doing, or so it seems to me. Possibly when their finished, but cycling for pleasure takes a little more then going as fast and as hard as possible.
I have talked to customers that have told be that they will never own a GPS because they always ride in the same place. Head down, trying to break yesterdays record and unless they do, it just not right.
Yesterday on our ride, we found a beautiful spot in the sun and just stopped to enjoy. Over the 20 minuets we were there we were passed by 3 riders that couldn't say hello. It looked as if we made them uncomfortable by sitting back and relaxing in plain view.
It is getting to the point that when you say "Cyclist" your not exactly talking about the same group of people.
People are different and Different is Good is something my close friend has as a family saying.
There is a talk show host in Boston that refers to cyclists as a group. The way he talks its as if he thinks its all the same club, The drivers and the cyclists. Two distant groups. He backs up his thoughts by screening his callers that want to add to his show. A maximum of 5 an hour because of adds and what he calls a "break"
His idea of that cyclists are using car roads and the bicycles don't pay tax. I would like that, how about you!
Its sometimes feels like there is just no pleasing anybody.
Riding for pleasure could be dressing up and achieving ones personal best, but after that passes one would hope that a thinking person might want to take the time to see the beauty they passed by. Assume no one cares how fast or how far you rode. Its true.
I remember at the store one day a customer looking across the sales floor at another customer dressed head to toe in his brand new USPS team uniform. His comment to us was, "Who the hell does he think he is?" The answer was, "That's Tyler Hamilton!"
The customer said "Who?"
As for me, I'm going for a ride.

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  1. John Pinkerton? I met a cyclist here who was involved with a 1995 gathering of "old bikes" and their owners. David Pinkerton was a presenter. There is a photo of John, Doug, David and Dot I just happened to be looking at yesterday.

    I'm sorry to hear of John's cancer.


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