Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Wetter, The Greener

Farmers love this weather. Slow easy rain. Bikers don't.
Wet weather riding has been the topic of the day here on Bosrug. The good and the bad. Dirt build up and how to deal with it. How rainy days are not bad as long as you just get out there. Head down on a "Heads Up" bicycle.
The second cup of coffee rather then the first pedal stroke seems to rule on this non sunny Sunday.
On a nice morning here in Dover. I have seen as many as 200 cyclists go by the house before 8:00 am. Not one today, yet.
Waiting out the rain seems to be the cyclesport of choice this morning. Only the hearty with a small window of time and a training schedule will head out now.
The wetter, the greener, The greener the better, but with me, certainly not the wetter the better!

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