Saturday, March 31, 2012

It Just Is.

Newbes want to know all. They want to know what they would simply figure out for themselves by just having a recumbent for a week. Words don't speak for actions when it comes to cycling.
Its my job to convince possible buyers that a recumbent is the bicycle for the job. I love Rich pinto's thing about Diamond Frame bicycles and the skinny seat. "I will take those seats seriously when I see them in peoples cars and living rooms!"
One hundred and seventy five years of bicycle design and most riders choose to ride a bike that looks like a horse!
,,, And Cooper,, "Jeese, do you think that if they made them first in the shape of a recumbent, the would evolve to a diamond frame?"
Out of all my recumbent sales, everyone loves them. They become advocates over night. Things heard like, "Its hard to stop riding it!" and "I love the view!"
Wrists, neck, and butt pain only comes up explaining the lack of. The fun of something different on the sport we have spent hours doing is like being born again. It just is.
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