Friday, November 14, 2014

To See and Be Seen

I am re-posting this spot for new readers to see. The question keeps coming up, "Can you bee seen on the road while riding a recumbent?"
The responses to the article were the best, so if you can, please comment with your opinions to help share the experience of what it is like on the road riding a recumbent.
Here is what I wrote:

The worry for new shoppers of recumbent bicycles is if while riding on roads, "Can you be seen?"
The question with today's drivers is , Are they watching the road?
Cell phones and now texting has drivers looking less at the roads for anything else then a car. The chance of getting hit and hurt while driving your car by another car has divers more aware of automobiles then pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Bicycles for the most part slow traffic down. Cars when aware take their time passing and in most cases pass at a safe distance. Once in a while I have been passed too close for comfort. I'm never sure if the driver ever saw me or they were passing at a distance that they felt safe at.
Oddity's on the road have drivers watching. Not sure of what there looking at, has drivers at times not wanting to pas. You see them in your rear view mirror causing other drivers to stack up in back of them. Somewhat awkward, I wave them on letting them know that I can see them fine and it is safe to pass. Always afterwards, I see their eyes in their rear view mirror. I love to wave and then have them wave back.
Its hard to notice how much you are acutely seen and if drivers are letting you pass by being polite. Its not until I find myself back on an upright style bike that I get cut off, sometimes as much as 3 times a ride, and realize that while on a recumbent, drivers not sure of what their seeing, will wait and not come out in front of you.
With a rear view mirror and the "Heads Up" style of riding, on a recumbent, you see everything!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Weather Destinations

A cold weather cycling destination can be anywhere you might think up. Home to a warm house could be just that good enough, but for those of us who like to ride with our head up and are looking for adventure in our rides, New England has many.
I always want a few details in the arrival of the destination to be somewhat the same. The stopover needs to be both a warm spot and a safe place to park the bicycle. We are lucky here in Southern New England to have many.
Meeting at a coffee shop for a cup works. You usually have the windows to watch the bicycles and warm drinks to bring you back to life. Its always a good spot to start a ride for the simple reason of being able to wait where its warm.
One of my all time favorite Cold Weather Destinations is the Wellesly Collage Green House's.

On the Wellesly campus, the houses are open to the public from 8:00-4:00 every day of the year. The perfect time to go is when its really cold out and really sunny. A little bicycle ride to the tropics. This has been a favorite of ours for years and although never crouded, usually attracts interesting folks to meet while there.
Over the next couple of months, I will be spotlighting spots of interest to ride to and keep you on the road and off the trainer.
Here are the Photos.

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