Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box and the Recumbent Cyclist

Recumbent riders are usually folks that think outside the box. Considering a different way of doing things always offers a wider more full style of living and with an open mind allows one to see things with a far greater prospective.
People as a whole follow a style that allows themselves to be the person they want to be. Many cyclists dress and play the roll of pro riders, wearing the "Kit" and riding as if it was their job. Although most will never race and if they do, will never experience the level of extreme discipline of pro racing, they like the look and act the part as if they do. Heavy stuff, but when opinions are spoken about practices of pro riders getting by in their extra tough job, their opinion never takes into account the lack of ones own personal experience.
Many riders would never ride a recumbent. Many have opinions about what is like to ride one. Evan a rear view mirror that could save their lives would never be found on most riders bicycles just because of the way they look.
Dress up is fun, we did it as kids. Some of my friends hurt themselfs jumping off of roofs with a bed sheet tied to their sholders because they thought that it was all it would take to fly, like Superman.
Flying is easy if you have a plane. Pro racing is not even with a $8000,00 bicycle, $600.00 worth of clothing and 60 miles of riding a day.
Playing the roll of a Recumbent cyclist isn't hard. All you need is a recumbent, spare time and an open mind. Thinking outside the box will have you in short order not only looking the part but actually being, a "Recumbent Cyclist."

Thinking Outside the Box, 5 Speed Jack's Bass Bike


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