Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Stuffie, Part, Whatever!

Hello? Can we talk? But first, could someone please call the Stuffie Police?
I mean really, Stuffie's are an art, Clam Meatloaf in a Ashtray, ya, but the art medium needs to follow some sort of form, at least to start. Right?

Capt' Marden's in Wellesley offers a "Stuffed Clam" at there take out. (remember the town, the stuffy ,fictional caracter Charles from the TV show, M.A.S.H. was from? BTW, differnt kind of stuffy. Thats Wellesley.)
Premium priced, one might expect premium product. Maybe its just me, but shouldn't there be at least some ground rules for our favorite apri-cruise beer snack?
If there isn't, then lets at least consider what one might expect.
First, You need a Quahog Shell. Need.
Cherry stone shell's are cute, but clearly way to small for all the stuffed,,, hmmm,, stuff.
After that one would expect Clams and bread crumbs. Its that simple, Quahog Shell, stuffed with bread crumbs and clam. Give the job to a child and it should work out, right?

Marden's starts with a Scallop shell, Cute, but no cigar and no ashtray for the cigar. This says two things, The clams did not come from the shell, and they really dont want to "Stuff" a Clam! Hello? You cant "Stuff" a Scallop shell! It sits on top.
Change the name to something like, "Scallop shells topped with Stuffed Clam stuffing" or St Jacque,,something! But not Stuffed Clams. Can you Imagine telling them that you want a bag of clams and pointing at the Scallops? (wiggle your finger, stomp on the floor, "no, the clams!")
Which brings up another topic. Mardens uses more bacon then clams.

Keeping in the Swellesly tradition, small and expensive is cute for some, But taking the roll of the best, one expects that a little homework on the subject would need to be done and the medium be taken as a challenge to be the best.

After all is said, Mardens did do a great job at there version. They were quite yummy, but not the Southern New England tradition one would expect.


  1. I like your reading choice. What were you looking up?

  2. You can't find a good stuffie unless you are on Cape Cod

  3. Maybe we can arrange a Cape Cod ride this summer

  4. Maybe your right about the Cape and the best Stuffie, but the ones at Cafe' Sorento in Milford, Ma were really, really good!
    the hill afterwards on the other hand,,,

  5. Always consult the Chamberlain Field Guide to North American Stuffies before ordering.

    For the best Stuffies and a view of Great Blue Hill.... Milford.


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