Monday, September 26, 2011

Bacchetta 3 Day, The Full Report

This years event turnout was small.

Friday nights ride was canceled due to heavy heavy rain. It poured here in Belmont, so it was a good thing to "pull the plug."

We did however have a nice dinner and get together at 21 Van Ness with Youtube and Netflix entrainment. Lots of laughs, great food and great beer.

Saturdays ride was sweet. Slow going because of the wet surface and slippery decks along the Charles. The trail had a few walking and running events going on which made riding as we got closer to the Hatch Shell slower and more of a challenge. Fun though!

We split up as a group at about half way back to Waltham and made a b-line to Wheelworks for Recumbent Demos.

Hot and sticky, customers passing by the booth of bicycles on the street were quick to get inside to the AC in the store.

Larger dinner party Saturday evening at 21 Van Ness, with more laughs, fun and food

Sundays "Hub on Wheels" was packed. Parade pace for the first 11 miles, after the Arnold Arboretum, things thinned out and had us riding as a group at our regular comfortable riding speed.
The ride went well and is something all lovers of the wheel should try someday.The route takes you to places you might never go to on any other day.
At the 30 mile mark, the ride takes you along the shore and cooler riding due to the ocean and harbor breeze.
The finish was at what seemed to me a little short of 50 miles Back to City Hall Plaza and a Beer and great band.
On another note about the day: There was a huge film group shooting downtown. The film is called "RIPD" and will be opening sometime in 2012. It was cool to see the production with smashed cars and trucks wetting down the streets for effects. I did get a view of filming where they had some kind of smoke machine and a car that the roof had been crushed down to the doors. Not sure why, but I guess we will have to see the movie. Comments from the film crew about our bike were fun as we got lost trying to find where we parked the car in the morning, Thank you Susie for that!
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