Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Count Down

The last moments of 09, On to a new decade. It really doesn't seem like 10 years have passed with the "Millennium" We survived Y2K and are now on to another 10 more.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From France to You

Photos and memories from France

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its Back!

Wow! I just went outside and it not only cold but blowing.
The weather man says for the Boston area we can expect the temperature to drop all day so this afternoon it should be 17 degrees. He also said that we can expect wind gusts up to 40 mph. Four degrees tonight.
Looks like a great day to stay inside and reflect on the past year and all the great rides.

Hmmmm,,,That's not going to work, I'm heading out for a short ride, just so I can say to myself, "I did it." Possibly a ride to the Dover Library and to take a couple of photos around town. More later,,,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Westfield Street Hill, Dedham Country and Polo Club

About the little videos:
The little moving pictures that have been popping up on this blog are short to shoot, but super long to upload to the Blog. Sometimes hours. The "Westfield Street" video, I have tried to download 4 times without success. The last time I tried I started this morning at 3:00 am and by 7:00, it still had not taken.
In time, I'm sure that things will become easier, but for now, if you see a blank title with no film, know that there may be a video coming.

Getting Ready for the New Year.

2009 was a great year for me. The past 12 months brought me many fun and different adventures doing the things that I love to do.
I managed to do a fair amount of travel, both here in New England and in France. 2009 had me finding new spots and returning to some of my most favorite.
This year I got back into fishing. One of the greatest thrills for me. I love taking the time and seeing whats under the water. I leave my fishing spots feeling a deeper appreciation of nature and a better understanding then if I just watched the surface of the water from above. Learning the times when the fish are hungry and whan the fishing is good. Learning the places on the pond or stream where fish are and the things below you will snag on. Dover has many perfect spots for this wonderful pastime and when ever I wanted to, I just grabbed the equipment and went out. People always asked me when I talked about my fishing sessions if I was Fly Fishing, in there mind seeing the big rod and line whipping back and forth standing in a flowing stream up to my waist. Funny that I never got into Fly Fishing. I just like a short "Pack Rod" and worms. Faster to catch fish, and that's what I'm there for.
This year was also a great year for my photography. I shot more movies this year and many more tripod still shots. Heading out alone on the bike made it easier to stop,set up, compose shots and really take my time to get what I want.
Although my overall miles this year were down because of the rain. I cant remember having as much fun over the whole year in years passed.
My trip to Paris was wonderful. Finding new spots every day on foot and really using the Metro for the first time after being in Paris now for my 15th time. I would just get on the train and get off when ever. Having the camera in my hand readied for the next shot and not having to take it out of a bag and set it up.
2009 was also the start of this Blog. I really love starting my day writing and editing. Adding photos makes the job seem more complete and when I meet folks I am aways told how much they enjoy reading it. I had a couple come in the store and buy a Bacchetta because they had been reading the Blog and said the sport looked like fun.
Lets hope that 2010 brings us all a good year for doing exactly what we want to do with the people we want to do it with. Loaded with lots of spare time and the energy and health to enjoy it with.
Happy New Year Everyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mill Street, Christmas Day.

Another video for my friend for Chris, The only person I know who reads this blog,that has Kayaked down the river to the left as well have ridden up the road to the right.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Ride.

What a great holiday. Its hard not to feel the spirt of Christmas while being surrounded by so many great friends and family.

For me, Christmas wouldn't be the same without some kind of ride. The Christmas ride is more important to me then presents. Presents are soon forgotten but Never the Christmas ride. I might forget the year we did it, but not the ride.
Sometimes the shortest ride can be the best. Its not hard to see Christmas when riding in New England. Different homes clearly have differnt ideas what Christmas is about. Hours and massive amounts of kilowatts are spent to show they love the holiday. As silly as some homes look, I love it all. Like those big inflatable decorations with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I can hear a voice from my past saying "Christmas is for children! Little kids love those." There's a yard in Millis that has them all.

Although I'm sure as in the case of my friend Brad who would absolutely love to be riding today as always, He flew to Germany, picked up a Boeing 767. Specifically, a 767-300 and is flying it to Irac, picking up troops and coming back to the U.S.
My friend Coops, would ride even if it were raining rocks. and has.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This ones for Coops
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