Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy Day Riding

When ever I feel down about a day off when the weather is wet, I always consider the alternative, working on a wet day.
Business is slower with more time to "catch up" but being home without the need for busy work and doing things to "look" busy is always better. I have always felt that when its slow, its totally the fault of the employees.
It has nothing to do with lack of sun, its all our fault. Or so we are made to believe.
In the United Kingdom its wet a lot. When you look back at catalogs from the 30's, all the bikes came with "Mudguards". They invented the word. Fenders to us, its just the way it was and if they didn't come with fenders, the bicycle was for riding indoors on a track.
The comfort sport of Recumbent Cycling for the most part is fender or mudguard free. Rain free too!
Announce a Mountain Bike festival and it could be raining rocks and you would have a huge turnout. Rain doesn't stop mountain bikers and a stick in the eye is a badge of courage.
The threat of rain let alone a drop stops Recumbent riders in their tracks. Ohhhhh! It loooks liiikee RAIN!
Looking out the window from the house or a car is always worse than actually being in it. As long as you clean your bike after the ride things will be fine. Reduced speeds with the fear of slip has you seeing and enjoying your outdoor experience more. The enhanced smells with the wet trees and flowers makes for a sensual enjoyable adventure that makes coming home to a dry place all the nicer.


  1. What rain? As soon as I crossed into Newton, the sun came out. (running down cella' to clean my bike now...)

  2. Oh Good! Danni said that the only reason it rained was because she came today. Funny, the sun came out here too after she left! (Kidding!)

  3. O.K. Scott, I'll give you the fact that the wet trees and flowers made for a sensual enjoyable adventure. However, your comment about 'reduced speeds with the fear of slip has you seeing and enjoying your outdoor experience more', well quite frankly, I couldn't see ANYTHING!!! There was WAY too much rain on my glasses. I was wishing I had the experience to know that I needed a bandanna to clean my glasses like atom bomb. As I said at the end of the ride, "seeing is highly over rated!!!"

    But, hey, it was great fun just the same. I'm glad I joined the ride. I had a wonderful day. Besides, the alternative would be sitting home and doing nothing. No Thanks!!!!


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