Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stuffie Report! Stuffie Report!

Had his been an actual alert, You would have been instructed to go to this place and check the Stuffies out.


There a little spot on the Ashland,Hopkinton border on Route 135 with an outdoor deck. I have been wanting to check out for a very long time. Without a huge group, we came in for a landing and stopped for lunch.

We parked the bikes and found the front door on and worked our way through the restraint. After finding the correct door to go outside, One of the regulars standing in the doorway said "Come on in!" Nice. I think she meant her home.

Cools spot, the outdoor deck had a large screen monitor with fishing as entertainment. Plastic see through table tops and ash trays. We thought, maybe we should have locked the bikes.

Stuffies at a $1.75 at the top of the list of appetisers, of course, Bosrog adventure needs to taste test and report back.

Narragansett at $2.00 a can, how could you go wrong?

Gazpacho soup was great, The best I have ever had and fresh.

The Stuffies came. big bowl of butter, Wow, Lemon and some kind of green thing.

They were quahog shells stuffed with bread crumbs, Pimento, and bread crumbs. Maybe a clam bit, but,, maybe not. Hey. $1.75. Come on now.

I will go back. Just to see the two huge guys that walked in covered with tattoos that the biggest of the two said to everyone on the deck, "I'm going to get drunk!" It was 1:30.

The rest of today's ride was great. Staying under cover for the rest of the ride. we did all the super hard hills and manged to not get hit. Not once!

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