Sunday, November 22, 2009

Todays Ride

Todays ride was a really beautiful. 28 degrees to start, and 55 degrees to finish. It was hard not to overdress. The rider list was short. Geoff Adams and myself. Geoff thought the ride should have been called "One if by land, Two if by Bike, Three if by Trike" because we rode from Paul Revere's house to his landing on the morning of April 18th 1776 in Charlestown, me by Bike, Geoff by Trike and not boat.
We met in Waltham at 9:00 and followed the river trail to the North End where we stopped at Mikes for pastry and coffee. By that time it had warmed up nicely. We rounded North Square and crossed the river to Charlestown.
The best comment We heard today was right when I was reaching the top of Bunker Hill while riding one handed and snapping photos with the other. I was asked, "Is that thing hard to pedal?" My answer was, "Well, at the moment!"
This November has been the best I can remember for riding. The weather here in Southern New England continues to Stay warm enough to enjoy being outdoors. Lets hope it doesn't stop!

Here are today's photos starting with the satellite image of us and where we cycled when we got to Boston and Charlestown:

Geoff added:

PS: I got back to the house this evening with a front flat.

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