Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Change for the Better

Funny how thing change so slowly sometime that you don't notice the difference. Look at a clock. Although you know its changing, Unless you really look closely, its hard to see any movement at all. You turn around and look at it again, and its time to go home.

Age is like that too, We all age and are no longer the young things that use to walk this planet. We go on thinking that things will never change and getting old is just for someone else. Certainly not ourselves. Have you taken a look in the mirror recently? Before you know it, it will be time to go home as well.

People look at recumbents in a funny way. They see the person, they see the machine. What they see is what they remember and never look back to see if it has changed.

I think Rube Goldberg rode a Recumbent, If he didnt, he should have.

"What the heck is that?" is what most people think. and "Ya Right! I will never ride one of those!"

Funny how most everybody I dealt with back in the mid 70"s said the same about Mountain Bike Sport. Look at it now. Riding by groups of cyclists back then got just as many silly shouts, questions and remarks. One thing different, The Wicked Witch of the East didn't ride a recumbent so the music is never sung when you pass . (Maybe she should have. Then we could at least have live music from the sidewalk as we ride by.)

Did you ever have someone in a Sports car come up along side you and not seem to notice that your in the exact same sitting position as them?

My guess that if we had pictures of Recumbents on our Nursery walls as infants to look as we came to life, we would see the machines as normal. Can you just Imagine never seeing a horse and rider and having one come out of the woods for the first time? WOW! I'd run and hide! How about you?

The first Recumbents were built by friends and admires of Rube Goldberg. He would have been proud of us all for displaying such an odd way to fix the problem of getting from one place to another.

I think if Ol' Rube was to see someone on a Bacchetta CA-2.0, he would say WOW!, but I don't think he would run and hide.

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  1. The Corsas look enough like a road bike (carbon forks, aero wheels etc, that roadies will actually stop, look at it with some genuine interest.

    On the other hand, my R40, with it's underseat steering and big comfy mesh seat doesn't get the same reaction from roadies -- they laugh at it. Joke's on them -- *I'm* not the one that has to ice my crotch on PMC weekend. :-)



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