Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recumbents are Freedom

The older I get the more I have realized the importance in the word Freedom and the ideals our forefathers fought for. All my life the word has come up. You hear it, expect it and usually take it for granted.
Freedom of choice is mostly what comes to mind whenever I hear the word. The Freedom to do what you want and when you want to do it.

In the case of bicycles, the freedom to choose has me riding a Recumbent. All by choice and not by influence. Its nice to be clear headed enough to see the recumbent for what it is and to not look at it and see something its not. Most of all, to not worry what people might think about me riding one.

In my job at Wheelworks, it's nice to have found a niche and support the sport of Recumbent Cycling. Over time by my Freedom of choice, I have become the "Resident Recumbent Expert".
Not without ridicule from some at the staff. Most folks at the store respect me for the many bicycles I own and ride. In a distant way they feel that our shop is more complete by selling recumbents.
When ever the word Recumbent is heard, customers get turned over to me. If Im not at the store, they are sometimes told to come back when I am. I love my job and always enjoying meeting new Recumbent Cyclists, or whats better, Customers wanting to start the sport.
Not all new customers buy, but all are treated the same way. I ask them what kind of bicycle there riding now and how do they see themselves riding a recumbent. What do the expect for miles and where do they ride. This usually pin points the type of recumbent that will fit them best. After that, we go outside so I can teach them how to ride.
My approach is never forced, allowing their Freedom to say yes or no when it comes to closing. Because allowing there freedom of choice, over the years, I have sold more recumbents than anyone in the Boston area. Mostly all customers become friends and know that any time they need help,or want to ride, I'm there.

Freedom has allowed me to be who I am. It has let me to do what I want to do and how I want to do it. We have many to thank for our Freedom. Freedom is something we need to exercise, protect,appreciate and never forget. Recumbents are Freedom.


  1. Scott,

    Yes, a recumbent posing with the minuteman - very inspirational.

    "Give me liegerad or give me death."

  2. Wednesday's ride was to just go get that shot! Im glad you liked it!


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