Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

It may come as a surprise to you, but my ride home last night in the rain was really quite nice. I was dressed perfectly and all my lights were working great.
Southern New England in November in the rain at night is never where I would want to be if I had the choice, but living by bicycle has me riding sometimes in less then favorable conditions. Having the right gear makes all the difference in the world!
Last night when I left Wheelworks it was raining and 42 degrees. Starting out I was a little chilly, but soon warmed up and was comfortable for the last hour of the ride.
The traffic for the most part on my commute from Belmont Wheelworks to home is not bad at 8:15pm. You meet the occasional "bully" driver, mostly young men, but with the right lighting and staying to the right of the white line on the side of the street, drivers respect me. I'm sure many are repeat passers going home as well.
When I come to stop lights, I like to look in the rear view mirror and see how many cars are waiting with me. Mostly now, I wave all the cars on when the light changes and hop onto the bumper of the last so the don't have to pass me at the bottle neck on the other side of the intersection, If there going to pass me, better while I'm stopped then when when were all moving at a tight squeeze.
The smell in the air last night was that of Fall, I passed 3 places that had piles of fresh cut Christmas Trees waiting to be sold. Hard not to smile with the smell of the Holidays on the way!
Crossing the Charles river for the last time of the day and climbing the hill out of the valley came quicker last night then most nights I remember. My frame of mind helped I'm sure. The final hill to the house and the sight of the the Barn was wonderful!

Home Sweet Home!

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