Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Weather for New England

The weather forested for the next 5 days looks good. 50's and dry. Great for riding hard and Perfect for getting out on the bikes we love.

The daytime lighting because of the lack of leaf cover makes riding different. The canopy in the summer months that makes our streets here in New England like riding in a tunnel has come down. Big Sky is the effect. Views as riding our wonderful "heads up" style of bicycle are amplified. Its always a surprise at this time of year to me that I can see places from hills that I never noticed during the days of total tree cover. Its as if recumbents were designed with the great view in mind first and everything else fell into place.

Coming home last night in the dark was quite beautiful. What a great finish to a very wet weekend. It was warm enough to ride without a jacket and the finish was in the fog. Traffic for the most part was low due to it being Sunday evening many folks I'm shure were home watching the Football game.

For me riding in the fog is always fun. (If I know where I'm going.) Thick fog and a big headlight makes riding difficult. I have learned over time to point the headlight straight up in the air and light the road with the fog. This works great and can be seen by on coming cars from a long way off.

The smells last night of wet fallen leafs mixed with smell of home fireplace fires and Sunday dinners reminded me of Falls past. Crossing the Charles River at speed, put a huge smile on my face and reminded me that we are so lucky to live in this beautiful place called "New England"

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