Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Another Thanksgiving day has passed. Everything went better then planned as usual.
I started the Turkey in the Turkey Roaster in the style of Breast down and got ready to head out.
The advertised ride was attended by a good friend Jeff Wylie. After we talked for a bit we decided that the best plan of attack with Jeff's window of opportunity would be to take bikes better suited for the woods and head right in.
We entered the woods at the Medfield, Dover line at 2 huge fields and went to a spot in the woods known as "Indian Rock"
Indian Rock is not on any map I have seen, but has the name from Boy Scouts and local campers. Storys of King Philip and his men camped at this grove. Truley a beautiful spot and a favorite of our's for years. You don't usually see people because it has no parking lot near by.
The Charles River narrows to about 30' across and is called 'Rocky Narrows" I have read in more then one book that "The Narrows" is the most Beautiful part of the Charles. For a good part of the Narrows the cliffs are sixty feet tall and Hemlock trees. Indian Rock is Granite and its top is about 30' above the surface of the water. A great overlook for viewing the river. We sat and talked for about an hour.
As we were leaving we walked the bicycles to a landing downstream for one last look. Down below a huge "Great Blue Heron" took to flight. Its wing span was around 4 feet. Standing in amazement in the magical spot I looked down and found a white quartz arrowhead. Like a Thanksgiving Gift for always remembering the true origin of today's holiday.
On the way back to the house we came across a lone Horseback Rider coming back from the Hunt. We chatted for a while and wished each other Happy Thanksgiving.
We arrived back to the house in time for a beer and to find the Turkey well on its way to perfection. The house smelt great!
The last step in my Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe was to move the "Bird" and roaster by Bob Trailer two miles across town to the Family's House where my Mom, Sister and Daughter were waiting.

Dinner was wonderful. We remembered people and places that have touched our lives and happy to be together again!
A Thanksgiving to Remember!

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