Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Art of Riding a Recumbent

For me, Recumbents are not an easy bicycle to ride.
Reasons like balance while laying down, not being to lift your wheels and not being able to see them come to mind.
I'm sure there have been many a recumbent purchased that because of the reasons of being easy on the body and less work with the wind, that it would be an easyer bicycle to ride.
Getting use to the bicycle took me a couple of weeks and even now rides are full of surprises. The old style of "Look Mom, no Hands!" and the "Track Stand" is never seen.
I was once on a all night ride with "The Back Bay Peddler's" around Boston and saw a fellow jump a curb in front of the Cyclorama building. He lifted his front wheel and when it came to the rear, did the same. Very impressive! Something I will never forget, although I have seen it done with up-rights thousands of times.
Dismount and remount takes a little more of an effort because the height of the back of the seat. We probaby won't be seeing Recumbent Cyclocross any time soon, although it would be fun to watch!
For me the difficulty of riding a Recumbent makes riding fun. I love the increased concentration and bicycle placement on the road. Dealing with cars for the most part feels to me like a video game of sorts, constantly checking for cars coming up from the rear in the mirror and watching for pot holes that can be like land mines when you accidentally hit one. (I would love to have a handle bar mounted score keeper!)
Any Ideas Doug?

The excitement of Recumbent riding always enlightens me and the thought of doing it gets me planning my next adventure.

Im sure many a recumbent wait parked while enthusiasts sit at there computers and read or write there opinions about the sport. Like this.

There are two reasons for this Blog. Food for thought and to get us all to ride. Riding Recumbents for me because it's harder makes it fun. The challenge of defying death one more time after riding will have me getting back on my Recumbent for a very long time.

Lets Ride!


  1. I am glad someone else finds high racers to be such a challenge. I have nearly given up on them a few times but something keeps dragging me back. I certainly would like a little more stable handling but I think practice will make things easier. I am shutting down the PC now and going for a little more practice.

  2. Sweet!, Todays ride was a lot of skill, I love it so much! We had a blast today. I wish everyone I know could have joined us. Maybe next time!


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