Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Todays Ride

Lets let the photographs speak for themselfs.

In order, front to back, srcbikes, Rich Pinto, John Totman and Atom Bomb. Thanks for a ride that I will never forget !


  1. There still coming, Hold your Horses Buster!

  2. See the movie!


  3. "Pizza Ride,The Movie" is a must see.

    This is a warm and witty film. I saw it tonight at my town's French Film Festival, where it was featured as family-friendly but adults will not be bored. It may be an obvious allegory, but it is fitting: the characters' lives transform through their interaction, as a Caterpillar transforms to a butterfly. But it is not mushy or corny; it is done with an intriguing plot and some tense moments. Pinto is awesome and most likely me at least nominated for an Academy Award. I give this movie 3 thumbs up!, Can I borrow a thumb?

  4. You Know, I saw the movie and did not like it!
    What I saw was a bunch of grown men out riding there lawn chairs having a good time. Cycling is suposed to be hard and not fun. The olny one that looked like he was doing it right was that stone faced rider they call Atom Bomb. I wished the film maker showed more of him.
    I think they should get real bikes and not sit down on the job! I give this film 6 thumbs down!


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