Monday, November 30, 2009


I think I have been luckier then most when it comes to finding things on the road. Tools and Money mostly. I am constantly looking for glass so scanning the surface is a normal part of my ride. I remember being with my good friend Barb on the tandem at night with a light on my helmet. She told me, "You look at everything, don't you? The constant moving beam of light gave me away.
All of the finds, big or small are great. I once found a 12" adjustable wrench and the only way to carry home was in the back of my Wool Jersey Pocket. How funny that must have looked!
Once I found a whole, what we call, "Yard Sale" of Snap-on sockets and ratchet handles spread over the street, all metric! There were at least 50 pieces.

The funniest I can remember was a Snap-on ratchet screw driver with a capped handle with extra bits inside. I had to kick it up out of the ice to get it. It looked as if it had been there for about a month. When I got to work I proudly passed it around saying, "Road Find!". One of the fellows looked at it and said, "That's Mine!, But, I gave it back to the Snap-on driver and he gave me a new one.".
"Ya Right!" I said
He said, "No really, Check this out, I can tell you whats in the handle for extra bits!" And he did. I told him, "Well then you will have to give it back to the driver again for another new one!"

One day on the way to work I could see they hadn't fixed a really dangerous wheel biting sized pot hole that had been in the road for over 2 months. I was grumpy that day and thought it being overlooked was really bad and some lazy person not doing there job, until I looked inside and found a twenty dollar bill! I stopped, picked it up, with people on the side walk watching, yelled, "That's what these pot holes are for!"

Scissors are what I find mostly. I must have found 15 pair in the past two years, Two pair in the last month alone. Fisker type of all sizes. I don't remember ever buying a pair.

It's like that with electricians black vinyl tape too. I cant remember ever buying a roll, but have at least 3 rolls here at the house at all times.

The stories go on. Tools falling off and from the underside of cars seem to my suppler of good luck and of course, someones bad.
My friend Jon and I laughed about the person who lost the wood clamp I found, wondering where the heck did I leave it? Not knowing that it had fallen off the truck.

Ending a ride with a great find is always special. Adding another found tool to the ever growing collection is something I will always love and don't expect to ever stop. Just as long as people keep driving and I keep Cycling!

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