Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday's Ride.

Two riders, 74 miles and 75 degrees. Shorts, shirts and jackets to start.
We started our ride at 9:20 and headed South west through Sherborn and back roads to Hopkinton. The hills seemed to be in our favor. Slight head wind but not enough to be any sort of a problem.
Our first rest stop was a front flat, After a quick change we headed off to our next flat. The flats gave us a chance to enjoy the day not moving.
We continued on route 135 through Westborough Center and on to Northborough. After a short stop at the CVS, we headed up Church Street and its 300 foot climb through a tunnel of green. The leaves seem to all be out now and the cover from the sun is wonderful.
We topped the hill by the Golf Course and made our way to Route 70. We headed West reaching speeds of 37 mph on traffic free roads with deep woods to our right. The day's plan was to round the Wachusett Reservoir.
On to Route 140 our first look at the surface look at the shore and the massive body of water.
We took a short rest at the water crossing on the corner of 110 and 140 for a phone call and then off to Clinton Center to the Old Timers Restaurant for lunch.
On the back side of the reservoir on Route 110 in Sterling we reached speeds of 34 mph again with a great view of the water to our right. A totally fantastic ride and a beautiful day to do it on. Clear sky most of the day and light traffic.

The finish into Clinton Center is a super fast downhill that requires riding the brakes because of traffic. Sit back and relax and watch for the slot to pass. Threading the needle at times, if done right you can almost roll the last mile and a half to the door for lunch.
We were greeted by the bartender with menus and a big smile. He said that when we pulled up that his friend told him he should see our bikes. He thought he had missed them.
After a Great lunch we headed back to finish rounding the Wauchesset and back home. Now with a tail wind we finished the ride without incident.
Its days like these and rides like this that make living in Southern New England Wonderful. There is nothing like a great ride with Great company. The people at our lunch stop were the best hosts. Happy to have us and good food and drink.
High speed finish of 32 mph and back by 3:15. Always a good time to get off the road and a fantastic time to enjoy a cold drink.

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