Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Most people try new things on the recommendation of friends. It all comes down to trust.
"Well,,If Joey jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?" I think I was asked that at a very early age. The name wasn't Joey and of course the answer was yes, but because by the was the question was presented by Mom, I said, No.

We are also talked out of trying new things because someone might seem knowledgeable enough to trust. Sometimes their knowledge is just speculation and not based on fact at all.

Just the other day I was told of a bicycle shop telling a customer that Recumbents are "Death Traps" Cool! He lost a sale and I just got a new customer. I'm sure the salesman has never once pedaled a recumbent or one true recumbent fact. Poor Thing!

For those of us who have had the pleasure of owning and riding a Recumbent, we know how passer by's love the bikes. I always get great comments from strangers like,"Love That Bike!" Comments like, "That's Cool!" and "I want one of those!" are heard as you ride by.
For the longest while I would have folks pull over and stop me asking where they could buy one. I actually let a fellow take mine for a ride on day. He came back with that smile!
People who don't understand things and want to look like they do, sometimes say silly things. Instead of saying something smart.
I once heard a salesman at our store tell a customer that he didn't want a recumbent, because Men that start riding in that position have to "Sit Down to go Pee" after they become recumbent cyclists. He thought he was funny.
Sometimes when "Experts" realize that they are not as much of an "Expert" as they thought they were, Silly things get said.
New comers catch on. Not having anything to compare there ride to, Recumbents are an easy way to go. Its the older rider and the Old Dog that have a hard time learning "New Tricks"

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