Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mr Murphy was a Cyclist

"If anything can go wrong, in time ,, it will."
This includes Cycling and anything related to the sport.
Over time I have had everything I might expect and then some. Parts break and miles walked pushing a large range of bicycle design. Carrying the bike at times, when the wheel no longer rolls.
I have had Crank Spindles, the axle to the crank break and when it does, you walk around looking for a place to sit down to pull the crank and pedal off your shoe.
You can Try to be prepared for anything that might happen but to do so you would need a follow van.

Mix things together like Picnics, Photography and Cycling and watch out!

Yesterday was no different. I headed off to work a little early with a kite strapped to my bike so I could take some more Kite Cam Photos for this Blog. Windy enough, but too windy. I certainly don't want to loose a camera or have to pull it from a tree. There is a spot I found that will give a great view of The Village of Newton Upper Falls and the Aqueduct at Echo Bridge.

I fought the wind all the way over to one of the fields near the falls.
I quickly set up the kite and then, much to my surprise, Calm. No wind at all! First time in 3 days, at that moment it all stopped.
I packed up and went up to a higher field about 90 feet higher about a half mile away. The wind picked up for the climb and when I reached the upper field was moving at a good clip. The kite went straight up.
Reaching about 30 feet the kite string wrapped it self around the mechanical buckle on my cycling shoe and jammed.
I took the kite down and sat on the ground to untangle the mess attached to my right foot.
It took all my time I had allowed to do the shoot.
Times like these make the days when things go right, better. The shots will come, but just not today.

Murphy was a cyclist. Somehow I think he must have been watching. I'm sure he got a chuckle out of the mess I found myself in yesterday morning, and added one more to his list.

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