Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Monster Ride

No one wants to do anything painful. We avoid hard times at all cost.
Did you ever see a video of the Tour de France? There not having fun. Fun is no part of their riding and if it were, they would quit and try it, maybe, again next year.

I have often thought that if there wasn't at least a moment of regret during the "Monster" ride, it would not be right.
Theres the:

Light Ride,
The Medium Ride,
The Heavy Ride.

And then theres the "Death March"

There needs to be a story. How hard did it get and exactly how much did it suck.
I love the Monster ride. I would never call it a "Killer" We know what that kind of ride is, but Monster fits, when its right.
Having to carry the bike. Six Flats, Bent wheels and a trail fix without having to walk, works.

Too Much Blood!

Big miles in high heat, or cold and wet. Never the normal or comfortable works as well. Chest Deep Bramble. Throw your bike out and then craw out after it.

"How the heck did you get that scratch?" "Don't Ask!"

Monster rides are usually "guys" play. I remember an article about, "Do the girls really want to be like the guys",It was written by a Gal and told about something that always seems to happen when someone complains. Things get harder.
Like the night someone said their knee hurts and we should take it easy. We all agreed and headed straight for the largest hill in town, fast and without lights.

You wake the next morning after a great nights sleep and wonder how you ever survived.

I love the moment when it gets tough. I know there will be a story and I know when we finish, the arrival will be all the better and maybe, the best.

Lets plan a "Monster Ride" today!

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