Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boston Bike & Brew Tour

The Perfect night for a ride.
Four riders, four pubs, four beers each.
The ride started around 6:45 and headed South to the Charles River Walk trail, West and upstream to Waltham.
Our first Pub a was a cute,quite and clean place called the Gaff. Irish slang for "Home". The little pub has a fantastic selection of craft ale. You walk through the door and see stuffed chairs that you can sit back and enjoy your complementary Pop Corn and your favorite Brew.
We headed back to the trail still in daylight down stream looking for "New Dave's" lost car keys. David is new to recumbent cycling and learned last night about the auto-dump issue of things in your pockets. It has happened to all of us at one time. Not a problem, Doug M. saved the evening by offering David a ride home after the ride.
We never found the Key, but did find our next pub.
Our second stop was another cute, quit pub in the Silver Lake section of Newton called the "West Street Tavern and Grill. Great little spot, Not a huge selection of beer, but they have my favorite, Harpoon IPA, A great pour, and a smiling bartender, What more could you ask for?
We took off after rigging our lights, back to the Watertown side of the Charles and the bike trail.
By this time it was dark enough to need the lights. Dave C had a little sound system with a great list of music that when we stayed together could be heard and kept our pace. More of a Parade of sorts, we made our way to our next spot.
Theres a new Pub in Allston called Deep Ellum. Small, clean and hip. Deep Ellum has everything you might expect for a Nice Spot. Food served on cutting boards. Great smells. Large screen TVs with Classic Black and White Film. Fantastic selection of beer, but the worst pour I have seen in a while. The bartender I think was more concerned about how he looked then how his beer pour appeared.
I would go back. Great little spot. Besides our Bar Tender, every one else was really nice.
We headed out, down the sidewalk against traffic to the foot bridge crossing the Mass Pike and onto Cambridge using back roads. Working our way back to the river, we passed Harvard Stadium where we encountered the only heavy traffic all night.
Back on the trail, the views of Harvard and the lights reflecting off the water was dream like. Dave's music and the smell of the flowering trees made the ride.
We rode the trail downstream to Boston Garden and rounded the building to the street. Our last stop was outdoor seating at the Boston Beerworks. Maybe not the best beer, but certainly the best "scenery"! This part of Boston is not quiet at this time of the week and at this time of night.
The group split up after Beerworks. Three of us headed off through Cambridge and on to the "Minute Man Trail and made another split where I headed back to Dover and arrived home at 1:00am.
This was another spectacular ride. Small was good. We never had a problem except for the lost key lesson. Traffic was surprising light and the bicycle trail had very little action. Our speed was slow and pleasurable. There was never a problem getting a seat at any of the spots we stopped at. More riders could have been a issue, so, thanks for staying at home, (Just kidding!)
Its so nice to enjoy the company of good friends on a great evening ride. Almost like Summer, This ride will not be soon forgotten!


  1. re "four beers each". I actually doubled-down at Gaff's.... :-)

  2. Really a good ride. I caught a flat on the rail tail near Lexington. So, "New Dave" got a quick field tutorial on flat repair in the dark. Fortunately it was cool enough that there were no mosquitos. [Nothing like being swarmed by those things in the dark.]

    Hope you found your keys, new Dave. ;-)

  3. new Dave here. Wonderful evening and a great ride - my longest to date (36 miles!). Not bad for an old guy with bad knees. Doug got me safely home at around 1AM (thanks Doug!). And Scott, thank you for another memorable ride. Thanks also to Old Dave for watching my back, showing me how to drink beer and awesome road tunes. I never found my car key but I had a spare at home and picked up my car this morning. Lesson learned!

  4. "Old Dave." Hah. He's gonna *love* that!


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