Monday, May 10, 2010

New Places and New Faces

There is nothing like a Recumbent Bicycle for bicycle touring and seeing new places.
The total heads up style of riding has you seeing the whole picture as you pedal through the countryside. Different styles of Recumbents and different seat angles all have you sitting with your back at a laid back angle and chin up. You see everything from the road to the sky.
Even the most up right style bicycle wont give you an angle and the view that is needed to see it all. The harder you ride the more you look down. Opening your windpipe and breathing is easier while your head is at that angle to your neck and exactly why riding in the recumbent position has you looking up.
I love to meet new people. I wish it could be once a day. always a different view on things and a different story.
My recumbent attracts people. Whenever I'm parked and sitting by it, people come over and ask questions. (Wow buddy,,Long Chain!)
Returning home with the memory of seeing new things and meeting new people always makes a ride seem more complete. Its nice to have the memories of people from a new explored area and the views from the place they call their home.

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