Saturday, May 8, 2010

It Takes All Types

Recumbents come in all types and sizes as do people. What type is best for you may have a lot to do with the person you are.
From the outside, things always look different. The type of person associated with a type of pass time may be easy to stereotype, but for the most part is pure speculation and second guessing the reason the individual chooses to do what they have chosen to do. Book reader, Book Worm?
I deal with a lot of different people daily. From all walks of life, most of them are "Cyclists." They all have a different point of view as to what cycling is and because of it, we have many different styles of bicycles. Among those different styles, there are different models and brands, all designed with a different price point and component selection in mind to suit the needs of the rider.
Yes its true, we could sell only one style of bike and one model. Different sizes for different sized riders, but customers don't want the same bike as the guy next door. They want one that's a little nicer and pay a little less.
Dahon folding bikes can be adjusted to fit any rider, almost, and they have 40 different bikes to choose from. Forty!
As there are different people and bikes, there different styles of Recumbents.
People that are of "normal height and weight" have many different bicycles to choose from. People on ether end of the height spectrum are limited to what they can fit.
Its like my brother when he use to buy cycling tights by looking under the rack. The ones that the cuffs were touching the floor were the ones he tried on. Like the guy that called on the phone to find out if we sold size 15 cycling shoes. He didn't want to know what color or what brand, he just wanted to know if we had them and if so he was going to do the hour drive. He wasn't picky, he just wanted shoes.
Too many items on the menu. When there are so many to choose from, its hard to make a decision. That's the sales person's job. If you fall within the size requirements, then it comes down to the type of riding your planning to do and the people you will be planning to do it with. Again let the experienced salesperson help you with your choice. In a shop where there's a lot of business, sales people don't want any extra work and will cut to the chase to get you what you need.
Trying a few bikes will have you seeing how bikes handle and what will fit your style of riding best. Consider that you will adapt to what ever you buy, but understand that your friends bikes and there style of riding when it comes to riding together, will be best to copy.
It takes all types of bikes to fit all types of rides and riders. We are lucky here in this day and age to have such an incredible choice.

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