Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Recumbent Rider

I Love my job.

Introducing riders, young and old to the sport of Recumbent Cycling.

I have made an effort to promote the sport and it has paid off.
My support from Bacchetta has helped. Without their efforts and keeping me supplied with a great selection of bicycles and accessories, it would have been simply, imposable. Their bicycle designs cover all my customers needs and life styles. From the around town errand bike to the new sports car/race bike, Bacchetta wins hands down as to whats available on the recumbent market today.

If it wasn't for my Boss, Clint, allowing me to take on the Baccheta line and order without question, It never would have happened.

It wouldn't be possible without the open minded customers that I am fortunate to have. Most of the test rides pay off. Taking the time to teach the rider how to ballance and then pedal has them feeling comfortable with me, their sales person and not pressured into buying. They see that I'm more concerned with them getting what they need and not what I need to sell.
The bikes sell them self. It only takes a few minutes for most riders to get it. The Smile tells all.

Here is the best letter I have have ever received regarding my recommendation of a Bacchetta model I needed to Special order.

Its titled, "Thanks"

Hi Scott,

Danni here. You helped me purchase the Bacchetta last week.

So, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend for riding my new bike. I got out a lot and really had a lot of fun, but I now have another recumbent related question that I was hoping you could help answer. Now that I have a bike that causes absolutely no pain or fatigue where I am looking up and seeing the beautiful scenery and enjoying the world around me, I have absolutely no desire to get off my bike. So, how the hell do you find the will power to get off the bike in order to take care of the responsibilities in life? ;-)

Thanks again for all of your help last week. I am LOVING my recumbent!!!!!


I wrote back letting my new customer know that I did not know and if I ever figured it out, I'm going for a long ride to plan on how I can get out of them.

Moments like these make my job Great. Thank You Bacchetta, Thank You Clint and,

Thank You Danni!


  1. Scott, I can certainly understand why people are so comfortable dealing with you! You are completely passionate and sincere in what you do!Congrats! Best, William

  2. Thanks William. I would love to see your smile when you take your first ride on a "High Racer" recumbent. You would take to it like a duck to water and with your photographic eye, you would never go back. The Heads up view is the best of all bicycling! Maybe sometime soon.


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