Friday, May 14, 2010

Tunnel Of Green

What a great time of year to ride.
Most of the trees leaves are out and in close to full size. The roads are shaded from the suns harmful rays as you ride heads up. Long stretches of road can be covered at times without the view of the sky. At times of a surprise down pour, it take sometimes as much as 5 minutes for the rain to make its way through to the ground as the trees get their shower.
Riding a Recumbent has you noticing things like tree cover and clouds as if you are laying on your back. Like when you had the time to find a spot and just lay back look up. Noticing shapes in the clouds and enjoying the day.
Now a days when time is short, its nice to "multi-task" and do two of the things I enjoy. The Tunnel of Green make riding here in Southern New England different. Different from just 4 months ago when all we had was "The Big Sky."

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