Friday, May 7, 2010

The Beauty of the Bike

One would hope that every child has had the chance to at least learn to ride a bicycle. Although for most of the world, we know its not true, here in the US, with a little time and patients, a bicycle can be had for next to nothing.
Its not important that it be anything special. In time it will become part of you and as special as the most expensive and desired bicycle on todays most elite bicycle shop's sales floor.
Found bikes and refurbished bikes can become the best to own, simply because the value to the thief is far less. Bicycle Freedom can be experienced easier with a bike that does not need to be locked or watched all the time.
It really doesn't have to be a recumbent to enjoy cycling. It only has to be a bike. Fast rides are nice, but slower rides allow you to see more and arrive every inch of the journey.
As time goes on and more and more bicycles a produced, older bicycles will become more available. Save one from the trash and pass it on to someone that would enjoy riding. Your knowledge of fixing flats and oiling chains may be all it needs. A new wheel in most cases is the reason most bicycles get thrown away. Piecing together old parts may be all it takes for the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

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