Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Resisting Recumbent

Change is good, but change is hard. Why change it if its fine. What would be the point of switching to something new when the old works great, even though its a little tattered and most of all, why fix it if its not broke!
My old jacket, my old shoes. I would rather always stick with what I know then have to switch to something I don't. Improvement or not, familiar is comfortable and nothing new to learn. No manuals to read and nothing to assemble!
Our lives have seen more change then any others in the past. The list of new technology's is huge. Everything electronic from radios to how we light our space.
When I was young I never thought I would ever have a movie theater in my home. A screen big enough to watch films, new and old, without advertisements. Its hard to find a household now that doesn't have a home theater.
People dragged there feet when it came to cell phones too. I remember seeing my first and wanting one. I listened to what seemed everyone around me saying how silly they looked and why would you ever need to walk down the street talking on the phone? Whats that important?
I ask that too now, but try to find some place that has people and see how long you can go without seeing a cell phone in use.
The change from film to video, photo chemical to digital and even those white headlights that were first seen on BMW's. It seemed that people hated the new style until they owned one. "Be the first on your block" is hard now a days with everything changing every 2 seconds.
I remember about 20 years ago hitting my shin on my pedal while running with my Mountain Bike in the woods. The stream of blood made me think, "I will be really surprised if this sport takes off!" I never thought that people as a whole would want to work so hard to have fun.
I remember my first recumbent about 16 years ago and getting comfortable for the first time. The smile on my face made me think, "Now this is a sport that's going to take off!" I thought that people as a whole would love sitting back and enjoying a view while cruising at speed with less work.
Over the years new fashion and styles have been started by free thinkers. People that just don't care of being different. They embrace the new.
I see at my job at Wheelworks customers coming to the "Waters Edge" to take a look at what they have been told they should try. They have seen people using them and some have been told by there doctors its what they need.
I reach a point that the only thing left to say is, "Jump In! The Water is Fine!"

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