Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Lens

The new upcoming videos to this blog site will be shot with a GoPro Hero "Wide" camera. The Hero is a 170 degree lens that offers a 5mp image. You will notice trees as the camera passes have a curve to them. Check this video out. It seems that the only problem is that it flattens everything out.


  1. Beautiful stuff Scott! Really nice camera and the WA lens smooths out the ride. Wicked nice! Now I just got to get myself out in front of you so I can be in the movie!

  2. Thats a Yes. Dont forget tomorrow nights party.
    This is going to be epic. Hope tp see you all there! Great Beers of the World. Pictures to follow.

  3. Is it my eyes, or are you moving pretty fast on your bike during this clip? Looks good!

  4. Its like you are there.
    Get more film so I can go for a ride.
    Dave the book

  5. The film seems to be moving faster then the actual ride. I think it might be the wide angle lens.


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