Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Ride.

What a great holiday. Its hard not to feel the spirt of Christmas while being surrounded by so many great friends and family.

For me, Christmas wouldn't be the same without some kind of ride. The Christmas ride is more important to me then presents. Presents are soon forgotten but Never the Christmas ride. I might forget the year we did it, but not the ride.
Sometimes the shortest ride can be the best. Its not hard to see Christmas when riding in New England. Different homes clearly have differnt ideas what Christmas is about. Hours and massive amounts of kilowatts are spent to show they love the holiday. As silly as some homes look, I love it all. Like those big inflatable decorations with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I can hear a voice from my past saying "Christmas is for children! Little kids love those." There's a yard in Millis that has them all.

Although I'm sure as in the case of my friend Brad who would absolutely love to be riding today as always, He flew to Germany, picked up a Boeing 767. Specifically, a 767-300 and is flying it to Irac, picking up troops and coming back to the U.S.
My friend Coops, would ride even if it were raining rocks. and has.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This ones for Coops

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  1. Scott,
    I managed to go around my neighborhood for a few minutes on my bike. It was a ride that was probably less than 2 miles; however, I will be fondly remembering it as I am crammed in seat 47G on Lufthansa for the next 7 hours.

    Merry Christmas


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