Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lets go for a Slide

Right now out side here in Dover on the deck, I can see the surface, In the front yard there's 8". It's drifting! The wind is blowing pretty hard so I can expect today's ride to be a little different.
For most folks, Winter is time for trainers and rollers. I tried them once and didn't like them. The novelty wore off in about 20 minutes of use. No matter what I did to pass the time, it just wasn't for me.
As a youth here in Dover, We used bikes all the time, so if it snowed, we rode. Pond riding was always a hoot. The slightest wrong move would cause a crash. We never got hurt because it was always done at slow speed. Lots of laughs from that sport. I remember riding on ice with two friends and crashing. I looked like such a fool for falling, Until both of my friends crashed at the same time while laughing at the sight!
Riding on freshly fallen snow covered streets is really beautiful as long as there isn't too much traffic. The track in makes and the snow build up on the bike is fun. Its so quiet out with the new fallen "blanket" muffling everything.
Slow going is best and to read the road far ahead helps. The perfect line may not be the straight one.
The feeling of arriving home after evan the shortest ride (or what we use to call slide) to a warm house, great food and deifying death one more time, is always so Sweet!

YES! It's The Skicycle!

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