Friday, December 18, 2009

Really Cold.

I woke last night around three am to find that the power had gone out on our street. I could hear the police cruisers speeding by the house looking to see how much of the town was out.
It was 3 degrees out on the deck. Crisp. Not much wind, but very cold.
I thought that if the power was to not come back on, how much trouble we would be in. It doesn't take long for the little house to cool down. I thought it might be a good Idea to start a fire in the fireplace, but soon fell back to sleep.
The power came back on around 5:00 and when my computer's printer started up and the furnace went on I woke up.
I never got the fire going. The fireplace at 5 main is more or less used for ambiance. I love a fire in the cold months after a long ride and when friends are at the house. Theres nothing like a fire while sitting back and enjoying a good movie.
I thought that if the power had not come back on, I would need the fire as the our ancestors did but in there case it was to survive.
In past century's, hours must have been spent in front of the fire during the winter. The fire played the roll of cook stove, furnace and home entertainment center all in one. Kind of like a large screen TV of sorts. Sit back and enjoy a good fire.
Children were placed in front of the fire while parents did important chores, like food gathering and wood cutting. The simple life wasn't so simple with the chance that if they took the day off they might freeze. Funny how its OK in my mind to allow a child to stare into a fire for hours, but find long hours of watching TV to be wrong. Even if the shows are good.
Cycling in the cold is hard. Easier now then ever before but when your hands and feet hurt it takes a lot of pleasure away. I find it best when it gets in the "Teens" to ride to get things. Ride to a place, get something and bring it home. Like hunting.
If only we could install a fire place on our handlebars. Sit back, enjoy a good fire and a good ride. Hours of riding and viewing pleasure.
Lets hope for a short winter.

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