Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its 15 degrees on the deck here in Dover right now. The bird feeders are swinging back and forth letting me know that its really windy. Insult to injury. I went out in my PJ's and the sound of the wind in the bare trees even sounds cold.
At my desk right now its blowing so hard it sounds like a truck is passing the house.
Wind Chill is part of the headlines on the radio this morning. Isn't it funny that on the news they never say anything about wearing clothing to protect yourself. They never say anything about that the body's loss of heat is from the wind removing the warming molecular layer at the skins surface. They never say anything that if your working the Wind Chill Index" changes from if you were just standing still. They also never say to prevent it, simply cover your skin.
I once asked a customer that if you took a dry piece of steel and put it in the cold and then put a 100 mile wind on it, would the steel have a temperature drop. Ask the question. The answer will surprise you. Most people say yes. The answer is no.
Wind chill is to me another scare tactic and more bad news to keep you listening. If they say its bad out, the smart person will stay in and listen to hear if things have changed and gotten any better, before (heaven forbid) going outside to check. One would understand if were raining rocks.
It has never been easier to stay warm outdoors. There are so many really great products available at any bicycle shop now. We have at least 4 different styles of winter cycling boots for sale. Wind stopper clothing works great to hold onto your warmth while cycling.
Have you see those gloves with the little port to blow into to warm up your hands? Who would have thought! Someone did..
When you think about it, a Recumbent Bicycle would be the best bicycle to ride on a cold windy day. The wind sees less of you. Less wind, less Wind Chill!
I wear clothing when it gets cold. Seems as though everybody in my neighborhood does too. I'm not sure if its the same with you and where you are. Maybe something to comment about.
I had a customer come in the store the other day on her bicycle when it was 25 degrees and blowing wearing shorts. I said, "Wow! How did you do it?" She said, "And I got lost on the way over here!" The poor thing!
I had another gal on the same day come in wearing a little spaghetti strapped Cammy, super thin hip huggers exposing her,, Hmmmmmm, never mind and Flip Flops. It was something to see. There should be a "Index" as to how your body temperature changes when you see stuff like that. Im sure the age and gender of the viewer would have different results. Some hot and the others cold.

It seems to me that the problem of "Wind Chill" could be solved by obeying two simple rules: Never stand still out side in the cold wind without clothing and,,, Ride a Recumbent!

Start the video above and take a ride down the Farm Street hill in Dover,Ma. Watch out for Hector, He lives on the right.

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