Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be On The Lookout!

Rarely comes a new item that really strikes my fancy when it comes to mini sound systems. Although I have owned 13 different devices, last count, my newest given to me by Mike at Bacchetta is truly the coolest little item I have seen in a long while.
The "Bitos" is a super solid 2G MP3 player that comes with built in speaker and a bracket to mount to your bicycle. There idea was for headset free listening and safer cycling
Although I probably wont put it on my bike, I cant stop listing to it. I have actually lost sleep!
The built in speaker allows you to listen to it everywhere. Perfect for the kitchen, workbench and my desk while I'm writing. I even bring it in the bathroom.
Looking at the little unit you might think it couldn't possibly sound good. It does. Everyone that I have shown it to agrees. I have had fellows at the shop walk up and ask, "Is that music coming from that?" Missing pounding bass isn't as important as you might think when the rest of the signal sounds so good. Some music doesn't require super low end. The system can also be used with headphones if you need them.
As with most MP3 players I have had, The playback is done in alphabetical order and not in the order of the album. Not so much of a problem if you just want the music for background. Although I love listening to albums in the order in which they were recorded. This works well.
Here's the big problem. The Bitos doesn't seem to be available. (Sorry)They have a web site: , the moment I could, I tried to find a source where I could buy more for Christmas gifts. Perfect to hand off loaded with music for the Holidays.
If you have any idea where the Bitos can be purchased, please comment below. I will have it with me at Wheelworks and if you would like to see it. Please ask.
Good Luck with the snow this weekend.


  1. Scott, don't know anything about the Bitos but would sure like to learn more. I use an iH85bx ( for my iPod on my std road bike--and loved having music to cruise to--but now that I'm riding a 'bent, I need to find another safe option.

    Merry Christmas!


    The mash store is hard to navigate: you have to scroll down to find
    the BITOS for $150

  3. Thanks Dave. It didnt take you long to find it! Good Job!


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